When a Rainbow Six Siege Champion Plays Nokk 

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BikiniBodhi Évvel
Only Real Champions can SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON ON THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Professionally Retarded
Well I’m not a champion so I removed the like.
Daniel Mejia
Daniel Mejia 3 hónapja
No creoooo
No human allowed
No human allowed 3 hónapja
Im not a champion
hossein ghasemi
hossein ghasemi 4 hónapja
I wana sell
Matt Palmer
Matt Palmer 5 hónapja
Downvote for the first clip. Very toxic
Charlie Drechsel
“Oh he wanted to be sneaky! Haha, NOT TODAY BUDDY” *abolishes frontal lobe* 6:38
But dying my  kids 🔥❤2021
Keep going back fi go 😱20201k
BullerJackass 12 napja
I'm from denmark and there we have ø
Ver Last
Ver Last 15 napja
ELa in the first few mins “Worst hacks ever”
Snes Master 2nd
Snes Master 2nd 17 napja
There ARE Multiple ways to say her name EX Scandinavian: Nuck EX Swedish: Nock English: Nook Bikini is Swedish AND Scandinavian apparently, he got the Name mixed is my point. Have fun bein' sneaky
a7basa123 23 napja
7:32 I’m dead 😂😂😂😂
Liam Woodruff
Liam Woodruff 23 napja
Wtf puts a suppressor on the 50
Rosalie Makarski
The quickest barbara assembly live because gate computationally ski around a efficacious wrench. broad, military chill
Rainbow6Noob Hónapja
hey, how do you get your keyboard and mouse to work (if you are on PC) im trying and as soon as i press a key on my board my mouse cursor appears and i cant look around but i can shoot aim and do everything else. anybody know how to fix this?
yorp yonk
yorp yonk Hónapja
droning in casual=cringe 5.7 on nokk=cringe
Garry Stevens
Garry Stevens Hónapja
Nøkk mains when bikini spells it nokk **ANGEREE**
Frost Wolf
Frost Wolf Hónapja
4:27 no that islamic, i mean organic
AviOwl Hónapja
NøKK IS USELESS when you’re in such a low Elo no one looks on cams or can hear
La Ñonga
La Ñonga Hónapja
2:04 "Buenas noches perra" me hizo el día
Skeletu263 Official
Issa Juan Deag
not trash
not trash Hónapja
I didn't know how you actually pronounce nokk sounds better
Snes Master 2nd
Snes Master 2nd Hónapja
Just because ur Scandinavian doesn't mean you say it right
Jacob Hunt
Jacob Hunt Hónapja
norkk is the best at setelth seneky boiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!
Kyle Helmenstine
Bikini the chat at 12:06 😉😉
Lego star wars stuff studios
I like Jäger cuz am from Germany, Düsseldorf and he is too and you say he is a facking poopoohead :(
Ahmet Öztürk
Ahmet Öztürk Hónapja
7:32 yeah, dark humour... i like it!
Sebas Ruiz
Sebas Ruiz 2 hónapja
TFD Gambit
TFD Gambit 2 hónapja
1:23 i think he was using an anti aim, not sure tho
Nils Wegner
Nils Wegner 2 hónapja
Why ist there No crab Akin for nokk
Sir Hamsterlot
Sir Hamsterlot 2 hónapja
RaRe Barney
RaRe Barney 2 hónapja
worst boss in the game tbh, new mechanic where he sit in the ceiling and throws balls for the entire fucking fight making a long annoying boss battle much longer and more annoying then it was before, like its not even challenging its just fucking stupid
Amor 2 hónapja
7:34 Muslims are not terrorists....
Karim Bassal
Karim Bassal 2 hónapja
hes playing a rankt game and hes trolling lol
Fufastic 2 hónapja
5:36 hahahaha
youtube account
youtube account 2 hónapja
giovanni salzillo
giovanni salzillo 2 hónapja
12:05 aim goin' to idalee
ExoToxic 2 hónapja
12:05 so like we are not going to talk about the chat...right?
SkapsBad 2 hónapja
I knew my friend was saying nokk the american way
Florian Lehner
Florian Lehner 3 hónapja
Right when the grenade is about to kill you, instead of you cutting away from it, I got an ad cutting away from the entire video.
T7 King
T7 King 3 hónapja
Idk u hit champ 😂 ik u didn’t
Mohamad gaming channel
731 wow
flakko 102
flakko 102 3 hónapja
Bro you got Video in your Ads
Lotto Edits
Lotto Edits 3 hónapja
The clip right before he blew up from a grenade a ad came on the screen lmfaoooo
Emilio Alonso Valdebenito Lopez
good Spanish bikini
dengarspopo 3 hónapja
#stopnokkabuse #stopwardenabuse
Kajetan Wiśniowski
Everybody: You are diffrent. Me: So i use brain not like you.
Zaku RantS
Zaku RantS 3 hónapja
3:52 2mins silence for those ppl who tried doing this with nokk after buying it for the first time
Sebbatrolls 3 hónapja
its not nukk its nøkk
lethargicsauce 3 hónapja
is it okay to play Blackbeard if you don't use the shields? Cuz I like his guns :) 9:33
Dominik Kovács-Sebestyén
10:58 music?
Trey McKinney
Trey McKinney 3 hónapja
Que the stardew theme
Materaz 3 hónapja
Mateo N. Sosa
Mateo N. Sosa 3 hónapja
Sos alto mascapito bhodi mis respetos al mayor mascapito
Alp Arslan
Alp Arslan 3 hónapja
Dude just got realized it's really offensive moment at 7:35 for muslims
ChaxerzzYT Gamer
ChaxerzzYT Gamer 3 hónapja
2 minutes into the vid I'm subscribing idc
GoatsVr 3 hónapja
But I’m good at Blackbeard ;(
Norbert Mustos
Norbert Mustos 4 hónapja
7:19 max? Max?! Maxcuse me Bikini! I'm trying to kill this guy! *max dies*
mynameis pie
mynameis pie 4 hónapja
As a certified arab, I approve 7:33
Mario Rubio
Mario Rubio 4 hónapja
How is ur Spanish better than mine lol (I'm Spanish XD)
UphillTripod 4 hónapja
As soon as I heard the music from Zelda wind waker, I liked 👍
E.fish.ent. Fishing
I love nokk sneaking into objective without the first 3 seconds and killing three people then leaving like nothing happened
Wingo 4 hónapja
matehus maguaguinho
Delux Stick
Delux Stick 4 hónapja
Oi * Aliso seus cabelos e sua orelhinha de gato enquanto falo com você*
camilo_fb 4 hónapja
5:40 Juan Dea-
Lucas Schultz
Lucas Schultz 4 hónapja
Im sorry bikini but you were def carried to champ
My Doom Is Eternal
My Doom Is Eternal 4 hónapja
But but but kini...... you never got champ
Holaaaa xd soy español xd me gustan tus vídeos bro
Garrett 4 hónapja
WoW stealth noise lol 3:49
Benjamin Bujdoš
Benjamin Bujdoš 4 hónapja
12:35 song pls
Viktor Slicaru
Viktor Slicaru 4 hónapja
Abhinav Ranganathan
9:49 why has that happened to me so much
liam gill
liam gill 4 hónapja
holy shit im moving to france 12:05. (look at chat)
Adam Malm
Adam Malm 4 hónapja
The old house😭😭😭😭
KING ELEF774 4 hónapja
Jayden Boyd
Jayden Boyd 4 hónapja
12:06 read the chat
SirKnasher 4 hónapja
"she just requires a brain to play" well fuck, I'm out then...
WillsANoob 4 hónapja
11:00 Jäger is getting his acog back in crimson hiest
Lukaz 4 hónapja
Samuel Elíz
Samuel Elíz 4 hónapja
7:33 song pls
Cade Brandt
Cade Brandt 4 hónapja
Love this stardew valley track
Mohammd kaleel
Mohammd kaleel 4 hónapja
I just wanted to make it clear, that this organization doesn't represent Islam in any way 7:30
Kauã 4 hónapja
Why you said zofia was op, i fkn hate you
Lumber Jack
Lumber Jack 4 hónapja
Hijabi woman go brr
CBNB CLOWN396 4 hónapja
jokes on you. I’m watching this at 4 am
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 4 hónapja
Ember the Nucleon
Ember the Nucleon 4 hónapja
I never thought i would hear stardew valley music in a rainbow six siege video
MitziTuch 4 hónapja
bikini: says something about a spooky women beside my bed me: id do anything for any women's touch and support rn.
drip engi
drip engi 4 hónapja
big brain time
cursed 4 hónapja
luanst 5 hónapja
12:03 look this chat
Godso Exelance
Godso Exelance 5 hónapja
1:20 nice bugisoft
Jaime Puértolas
Jaime Puértolas 5 hónapja
2:10 Were you speaking Spanish?
Casper Olesen
Casper Olesen 5 hónapja
Can't believe people still cry about a 50hp shield. Its about to be 20hp shield. But i doubt it will stop people from crying their eyes out
The King
The King 5 hónapja
So you are a swed
Yoru Kage
Yoru Kage 5 hónapja
I hope we get a Frogman next
Francisco Parra Caparros
AJAJAJAJAJA no esperaba que te pusieras a hablar en español
Jay Lovett
Jay Lovett 5 hónapja
That Zelda song always reminds me of Calebcity
guddimanden Olesen
guddimanden Olesen 5 hónapja
i lov nøkk
Marco Santosuosso
Marco Santosuosso 5 hónapja
Who loves Nøkk?? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Marco Santosuosso
Marco Santosuosso 5 hónapja
I love Nøkk ❤️❤️❤️❤️
CyRaX Gamer
CyRaX Gamer 5 hónapja
Finally someone that actually says the name correctly
Tomyrino ́_ ́
Tomyrino ́_ ́ 5 hónapja
Nice Video
Ben dover
Ben dover 5 hónapja
as a dane iam offended by bodhi speaking mexican while playing nøkk
Juan David Ruiz Piedrahita
Bruno De Martino
Bruno De Martino 5 hónapja