Ubisoft Finally Added A *NEW* Game Mode To Rainbow Six Siege... 🤩 

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In todays Rainbow Six Siege Montage we're doign a little bit of r6 som blitz y straterinos and yeah we're playing the new cool event and the new gamemode CANISTER...

One might say, what IS IN FACT in the canister?

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🎵 Music:
Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST Outback Safari
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Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards OST - Pop Star
The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword OST - Knight's Academy
Kirby - Gourmet Race [Qumu Remix]
The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD OST - Outset Island

🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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BikiniBodhi Hónapja
Hey gamers, incase you wanted a link to gfuel it's right here: www.gfuel.ly/301SWHK thanks gamers, hugs and kisses for using code: KINI 😍
Mild Aggression
Mild Aggression Hónapja
When ‘Merica goes to shit, I’m moving to Sweden. Thought you should know xD
Yo a “melee is op” vid
Caleb Mullen
Caleb Mullen Hónapja
L4d2 u have alerted the horde
Slick Back
Slick Back Hónapja
Kini I’ll like your door handle if you don’t notice me
Eska Hónapja
Najeed Rahman
Najeed Rahman 7 napja
random fallout 4 reference for no reason lmfao
James Comer
James Comer 10 napja
Ygor Mascarenhas
Que maravilha de canal
анонимус кот Олега
Im the only one who noticed BOSG ACOG at the 0:50
Fransiskus Lion Sugiharto
7:17 I yearn true gender equality
X B 25 napja
"Oh hi doc" 😂😂😂
YT SLAYZI 25 napja
I didn't know you watched jojo
Rosalie Makarski
The scintillating shop traditionally live because place conventionally tickle regarding a ashamed field. beautiful, wry parent
Mookel Myers
Mookel Myers Hónapja
wHaT,S iN thE CaNistEr
Rosalie Makarski
The eminent bear gergely support because wrinkle expectantly live pro a blushing calculator. rare, condemned denim
Kong Jet
Kong Jet Hónapja
4:09 shbzz do be like that though
big man rytone
big man rytone Hónapja
I found out whats in the canister is smoke after me?
Xavier Trovesi
Xavier Trovesi Hónapja
Wait, if i don't like play Dokkaebi and Vigil i can't buy Gfuel? :(
MyDixie Wrecked
MyDixie Wrecked Hónapja
New “gay” mode?! Hope the HUtowns didn’t pick that one up 💸
謝承君 Hónapja
4:51 I did not hit your Argus Launcher. It's not true. It's bullshit. I did not hit it. I did NOOOOT. Oh, hi Doc.
zolar hd
zolar hd Hónapja
Does anyone else renember Manranke executing order 66 in BB's Stream?
Joost Slijkhuis
Joost Slijkhuis Hónapja
How is it that you have 1.64M subs but only manage to get 24K likes??
Jesting 999
Jesting 999 Hónapja
Run outside on door near laundry room you can park our on roof of shed out there and die then the defused is stuck up there 🤣
Pon4ikono Hónapja
Now we finally know what's in a canister....
Ruben H.
Ruben H. Hónapja
When do they finally release Rainbow Six Quarantine?? I will never give up hope
Laff Hónapja
4:47 What do you mean...Remember?
Naglis Kisielius
Kini why are we the first people to hope its weed, when i won my first match i said hopefuly thats weed and we can get high
Math Team Dropout
Lol in the gfuel screen he has 69 r6 credits, clearance lvl 420, and 80085 renown
Rueta Schirei
Rueta Schirei Hónapja
7:39 草
hastyar ali
hastyar ali Hónapja
Ben Fowler
Ben Fowler Hónapja
7:23 , how you get up here please?
Greg Hónapja
he makes railraod thingy reference
pedro mendes
pedro mendes Hónapja
i'm from brazil and i don't speak english very well ... i train watching your video every day, subtitles help a lot tks bro
Random uploads tube
I watched the full video because of Abdullah😅
Andrew Molodstov
I’m sad because I’m on xbox so I can’t play with you :(
Skylar Russell
Skylar Russell Hónapja
Amaru Bosg
Sebastian Duczkowski
Still this game suck. We need new ubi not this old political games from old idiotic ubi
The Armed Chair
The Armed Chair Hónapja
bikini: "new game mode" also bikini: 1:58 "it's like hostage" yes, yes it is exactly like hostage with a slight extra step in the form of the alarms which amount to nothing given that players simply ignore them completely, this is not a new game mode, this is hostage.
BoostixX Hónapja
I stopped playing siege like two months ago because i got bored of it, but you can still make the gameplay look fun and i appreciate that. Thank you Bikini
Jcscmmrp Hónapja
3:16 "IQ SUCKS" bruh u shooting a CEMENT ROOF/FLOOR
YOUNG impact
YOUNG impact Hónapja
9:11 scared my soul
Christian Schnitzel
Imagine a black ice bosg #BOSGBlackIce
AnselAlly Hónapja
I don’t play siege but I watch bikini
pep d'eucaliptu
pep d'eucaliptu Hónapja
Did he make a railroad reference???
Burger Lord
Burger Lord Hónapja
Make a Kapkan and gojo tacktactic
park7170 park7170
I loved the “oh hi doc
Natural Titanium
4:08 basically talking about shbzz aren't you?
Kevin Grant
Kevin Grant Hónapja
Thanks for showing us how siege can still be fun. Please do a video dedicated to smokes...any operator that has smokes. Anybody that smokes cigars like Capitao and Maestro. Thermite has smokes now.
Erdei Márk
Erdei Márk Hónapja
Gg Guys. XD
Colby Keefer
Colby Keefer Hónapja
Why does kini have good music like legand of Zelda
jxnees !
jxnees ! Hónapja
Ele morreu no dia em que eu nasci.
Joke Hónapja
i'm killer im murder :D
tsk - giuandrox
tsk - giuandrox Hónapja
Knight Hawk
Knight Hawk Hónapja
I feel like this game mode can be summed up with: A wild oryx appeared!
Rodrigo Escobar
Rodrigo Escobar Hónapja
My geiger counter is in the shop
Yad Saad
Yad Saad Hónapja
Did this guy call the yellow nomad line "PISS BEAM"
Snatchy Snansy(Wilson Hiyanto)
I love how that the account level is 420 and 69 r6 credits in the gsupps sponsored
Love the way you did the gfuel sponsee, it was actually funny and didn’t even seem like a sponsorship
Sir Ri0s Davian
Sir Ri0s Davian Hónapja
imagine shoot concrete 3:06
Little schmoke
Little schmoke Hónapja
I hate this event for the simple fact it's too dark and boring/sweaty
Carlton Collins
Carlton Collins Hónapja
I think is gonna be the new outback reworked map and they are just testing it out with this gamemode
AMLLÁN 204 Hónapja
Nunca entiendo lo que dice pero me gustan sus videos
Ham Sandwich
Ham Sandwich Hónapja
Ok this is completely off topic but does anyone think some of the nerfs (any game) are unnecessary or very unnecessary?
Talon Lincoln
Talon Lincoln Hónapja
It’s just really bad just straight garbage
Plary. Hónapja
Tachanka buff
Jan Bruns
Jan Bruns Hónapja
7:17 Why tf would you use the true gender equality soundbite there?
SI3GE Alpha
SI3GE Alpha Hónapja
I might need sum of that 900k remown
Lime Hónapja
Dayton McCarville
Ahahahahaha Bikini I noticed that Fallout reference you made, really threw me off because it's not referenced often anymore😂😂
Harvey Bryer
Harvey Bryer Hónapja
this needs to be the new outback as in if ubi decides to rework this map
Holooh Hónapja
Whats the song with the oryx shotty? 2:25 that slaps
Plutonic ._.
Plutonic ._. Hónapja
7:37 Walmart
haha someone has
This is what happens when smoke tells you what's in the canister
Ryan 915
Ryan 915 Hónapja
happy to see I'm not the only one who calls warden flanders
Lankesl Hónapja
the best
Justin Vailes
Justin Vailes Hónapja
Of course, the guy who suggested BOSG ACOG likes this game mode. 🙄
まま Hónapja
7:17 不審なハハ!?
no name just because
4:10 lmao the blatant attack on shbz
ClitianLOL Barchetozzu
Im actually a Jäger/Ash main and im not toxic
エダガスト Hónapja
So the Japanese did says "I'm the one who wishes for the equality of gender" wwww just sayinw
Akali YT
Akali YT Hónapja
6:19 BikiniCar
Im Manuel97
Im Manuel97 Hónapja
Wonderful clips! Wow 😍
l'homme parfait
l'homme parfait Hónapja
Because sir is not happy of how people play he s complaining...
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher Hónapja
How do you get in the spot at 9 mins 27 secs of melusi in garage?
Швед Hónapja
♂️2:49 ♂️
Teemu Sosimäki
Teemu Sosimäki Hónapja
The immortal weed carcked me up🍁🔥
Gasmasklarry 77
Gasmasklarry 77 Hónapja
Bro I need that bosg gfuel
Toilet Wolf
Toilet Wolf Hónapja
Someone at Ubisoft realized everyone was gonna make weed jokes and decided not to say anything, and we got this glorious mode
Toilet Wolf
Toilet Wolf Hónapja
9:32 I mean... you killed your teammate too but congrats on the claymore kill :D
Mild Aggression
Mild Aggression Hónapja
Just want you to know Kini, when America goes to shit, I’m moving to Sweden.
Adopted 2Nuh
Adopted 2Nuh Hónapja
Use montagne
Bacoon Hónapja
wow thank you for letting me know about the 30% off on monday very cool
张天浩 Hónapja
I played this mode for at least 12 times, and I never win once!!!!!
Victor Garza
Victor Garza Hónapja
Hello, every bodhi ! It always makes my day 😂
DJ Drey
DJ Drey Hónapja
This should have been done at the outback rework later this year.
Daddy Dexyy
Daddy Dexyy Hónapja
I was about to buy gfuel but didn’t have enough for shipping:(
5:02 it sounded like instead of saying dipsy it said dipsh*t
Darksythe222 Hónapja
I like the game mode but the skins are bad
xd Hónapja
1:44 this is a fucking Fallout 4 reference lmao
Blokezzy Hónapja
"Do you have a Geiger counter? Mine is in the shop" loved that fallout railroad reference!!
venxi_ fps
venxi_ fps Hónapja
then the rads counter after
Gleb Galkin
Gleb Galkin Hónapja
that was really post-apocaliptic))
ConsoleR6 clipz
ConsoleR6 clipz Hónapja
How do you make a custom game with the new event, someone pls tell ;-;
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