This is Why Rainbow Six Siege Had to *NERF* Tachanka 😲😲 

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I was too GOOD.

Today, we are taking a Final Look at Tachanka before his Tachanka rework drops in this Rainbow Six Siege Montage from Operation Shadow Legacy.

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BikiniBodhi 8 hónapja
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el ruso varcovish
el ruso varcovish 7 hónapja
Where is the 1000 opening????
Chimorin Witayas
Chimorin Witayas 8 hónapja
I like the Classic Tachanka why must he go 😪
Jacorey Defoe
Jacorey Defoe 8 hónapja
How do your parents feel that your bullying little kids ;(
Namuron 8 hónapja
nah bro for 5 bucks ok but 10 is too much
Meister R
Meister R 8 hónapja
Speak my god Write my chanka Tachanka = god
federico campi
federico campi Hónapja
3:37 jaeger say i need a god
Ajgor Hónapja
13:17 that hurts me :(. I need a hug
bencsura zoltán
God i miss the old lord
alpha dragon
alpha dragon Hónapja
Soviet Russia
Soviet Russia 2 hónapja
germany is stupid soviet union is the best than everyone else
Soviet Russia
Soviet Russia 2 hónapja
tachanka is the strongest
frolok 2 hónapja
oscar de astora
oscar de astora 2 hónapja
roho 3 hónapja
little did he know, chonky would only get better from there.
Rodrigo3Capa 3 hónapja
I'm actually turning to a Tachanka main
xUnknown 3 hónapja
You can never nerf such a lord
Russia President
Russia President 3 hónapja
They nerf him a little bit
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari 3 hónapja
Gory for lord Tahanka
Başar 3 hónapja
Old Chanka was really good at spawnkill...
demoman tf2
demoman tf2 3 hónapja
sad tachanka :(
RJgamerGOD 3 hónapja
I honestly miss pre nerf Tachanka
The dark lord [gd]
The dark lord [gd] 3 hónapja
I hate tachancka rework
Darrion Helm
Darrion Helm 4 hónapja
I miss old Chanka so bad 😔 I have like 3 kd’s on all my accounts 😂 my main with like 20+ hours lmfao
Vlad Nishchymenko
Vlad Nishchymenko 4 hónapja
You are totally FF Fan)
p0lybius 4 hónapja
Tachanka needed the rework because his LMG is the only thing that can snipe Ash and still get a headshot
Seamus Hennessy
Seamus Hennessy 4 hónapja
13 min of him using tacancha turret
Herlah 4 hónapja
reject my humanity...
Day 0_Oo
Day 0_Oo 4 hónapja
Goodbye sweet prince
Dzit XD
Dzit XD 4 hónapja
3:36 lmao, nice russian accent😂😂
Royal Killer
Royal Killer 4 hónapja
no one gonna mention tachanka is wearing killa's helmet in the thumbnail?
Poniatowski AUAUA
Poniatowski AUAUA 4 hónapja
Grani yeet -
Grani yeet - 4 hónapja
im very late but the pkm gold music is sooooo goooooodd
SCP 049
SCP 049 4 hónapja
Daniel Dillard
Daniel Dillard 4 hónapja
Samu Rai
Samu Rai 4 hónapja
Music 6:02?
JxDmini 5 hónapja
Buff_Castle Brause_BIBO whyyoubullingme
This is the last honor for a gone hero😔❤️ Rest in Peace
Sebastian Bagaric
Sebastian Bagaric 5 hónapja
Headbuttingpony !
Headbuttingpony ! 5 hónapja
"I need a Warden" -true gamer specimen
SirYEETerson 6 hónapja
Man I miss old tachanka but love the knew one
-OFFLINE- 6 hónapja
What's the sound effect at 2:41
Emilio Lara CHIPs
Emilio Lara CHIPs 6 hónapja
Y you spawnpeek that’s a nono
Reismaus 6 hónapja
juan lé g?
ACE879 6 hónapja
tachanka, more like killa
Dario Fantozzi
Dario Fantozzi 6 hónapja
Killa's proudest cousin
Sanuku 6 hónapja
If only there was a separate ability to do IT
MountAgony 6 hónapja
With you the old Tachanka is just culling poor little sheepy through a window, my god.
Mohammed Thaer
Mohammed Thaer 6 hónapja
Who here after Tachanka's buff?
Jui2354_TH Channel
Jui2354_TH Channel 6 hónapja
0:01 How to get it?
mentra1 6 hónapja
Mfw blackbeard is more of a tachanka then tachanka
hxnterRsix-apex 6 hónapja
In my opinion, hes better now.
Lucas Topf
Lucas Topf 6 hónapja
Iam not crying u are
Comrade 6 hónapja
Killa ?
Lukas Hlosta
Lukas Hlosta 6 hónapja
3:49 song??
Not ultra 9
Not ultra 9 6 hónapja
Dude that’s not the Mira shield
Suicidal Puffer
Suicidal Puffer 7 hónapja
8:35 the most magical thing I have ever seen
Patrick Walker
Patrick Walker 7 hónapja
Killa Helmet, very nice
Hayden Wardlow
Hayden Wardlow 7 hónapja
i like how he talks about tachanka but its killa from tarkov in the thumbnail
JukeTheBox 7 hónapja
I was a chanka main, but with his new gadget is just boring.
Oswaldo González
Oswaldo González 7 hónapja
They buffed him XD
5th Horsemen
5th Horsemen 7 hónapja
He was buffed thou
AChillChilly 7 hónapja
I am going to miss spawnpeeking with the turret
Operaatio 7 hónapja
Help us to keep original Tachanka ingame with the reworked one! www.change.org/p/ubisoft-keep-the-original-tachanka-in-rainbow-six-siege
Thekilerguy 7 hónapja
This is the tip of the onio Made me laugh so hard all 5times i wached this video
SibeaZ 7 hónapja
Пиздец, смотрю бикини уже 2 года, каждый раз гордость берёт когда он играет на русских операх)))
F1fтy 01
F1fтy 01 7 hónapja
They actually buffed it
KAYSUNA 7 hónapja
The "Last Farewell" was a game tribute for Tachanka (my theory)
graeme smith
graeme smith 7 hónapja
I'm just gonna wait for everyone to say tachanka is a problem so they nerf his and in return none will play him and I can go back to my tachanka main ways
Cauã Lucas
Cauã Lucas 7 hónapja
6:43 wow
Warr Bee
Warr Bee 7 hónapja
Rainbow 6 X Arknigth
Cattyisland 7 hónapja
Our Lord passed away the voice actor of our Lord and savior 😫😫 shut up I am not crying it's nut 😂😂😂
Jeanette Pitka
Jeanette Pitka 7 hónapja
you out memeed them
nice oxkx
nice oxkx 7 hónapja
Bruh Tachanka x Killa
Filipi78 7 hónapja
Imagine hating tachanka
TAKEDOWN205 Productions
I don't get how he can see mere *pixels* of a player's head, and still land a shot. Experience or hacks, I my never actually know the truth behind his peculiar ability to snipe heads from distances that don't allow enemies to render.
jamboux 7 hónapja
When you want play blackbeard but you are in defense...
Skyler 7 hónapja
In a way Bikini isn’t wrong, while they are generally buffing Tachanka with this rework since he will now be mobile with his LMG and have 10 incendiary grenades to deny an area, they technically cut the damage of his turret down significantly. Tachanka’s turret when it was still a gadget used to deal 71 damage per shot as a full auto weapon, now it only does 48 damage.
Sh4d0wz 7 hónapja
* sad cheeki breeki noises *
eeleye 7 hónapja
Killa from EFT? what are you doing in the wrong game!
Rongyang Yi
Rongyang Yi 7 hónapja
is this the reason why Ubi took away his 1.5 before patching the rework in, just like how they removed his shield the moment they talked about rework? :(
Mael 7 hónapja
Does anyone know the meme name in 3:49
one tome plz
one tome plz 7 hónapja
Play on control for one vid
USF United Special Forces USF United Special Forces
Нормально играет RUSSIA hutown.info/base/vide/uqeczZecpaWokqs.html
Toast 7 hónapja
F for old tachanka
Tom Haswell
Tom Haswell 7 hónapja
This is why Bodhi needs to be nerfed.
Lovesurfbunny Gaming
Incredible Tachanka playing. Very funny, liked.
Gamer1 2
Gamer1 2 7 hónapja
Remember being spawn peaked by the Russian badger with the PMM
Ludovic Cliche
Ludovic Cliche 7 hónapja
When you say goodnight I think you’re Harley Queen
Skorp. 7 hónapja
5:01 takeatipoftheONION
ShriimpUwU 7 hónapja
No not Juan lmg it’s JuanMG
AetherWarrior 27
AetherWarrior 27 7 hónapja
Nerf? This is a buff
Simple Boy
Simple Boy 7 hónapja
10:46 this is the most Russian blyat that I have heard😂😂
Sir Annoy-O
Sir Annoy-O 7 hónapja
9:44 Amaru is a good Operator
Narek 7 hónapja
why is killa your thumbnail
el ruso varcovish
el ruso varcovish 7 hónapja
Where is the 1000 opening?? Give that or make tachanka unfair
Rollermaster064 7 hónapja
Nah i am not going to buy last farewell on discount. I want to pay full price so i can support the game 😎
Finnley May
Finnley May 7 hónapja
Noice Segway.
Jaden Ortman
Jaden Ortman 7 hónapja
12:44 the yoda sound made that so much funnier than it should have been
LAH JoMBiE 7 hónapja
11:29-11:33 damm
the power of gaming
tacanka your our lord and you got it wrong we dont hate you we hate the ppl using u
aod jerarmy
aod jerarmy 7 hónapja
is it a nerf tho
JustFiFi 7 hónapja
Nobody: Bikini: !HATCH OPEN¡
SteinStyler 7 hónapja
Thanks four the Pokémon batlle music cause this gives me the greatest flashbacks
Korosh Eht
Korosh Eht 7 hónapja
I dont undrestand why they want to do a rework on the lord they just fucking the game up with this reworks