The **BEST** Way to Play Kali in Rainbow Six Siege 

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BikiniBodhi Évvel
Yeet 1000
FBI 4 hónapja
InfernoGaming_YT 5 hónapja
I suck at assault but am godly with snipers, I usually just quick scope
AHD0N33Y4H 6 hónapja
BRUH 1000
Nathan 10 hónapja
i have a quetion bikini whats your favorite mario game
Universpro Évvel
Yumi is a god with kali
What do you have against Brazilian??
Dr.Disco 15 napja
This man thought me how to properly play shields, and now he’s teaching me how to snipe? God-tier creator.
Derek Smidl
Derek Smidl 18 napja
Man watching you use the p226 hurts my heart. Really can't understand why they took away her pistol
Orientedmine 23 napja
A year late but I love how well the Bloons tower defense music fits
Nicolò Martini
Nicolò Martini Hónapja
The crash bandicoot theme is fantastic
Delorian Hónapja
9:40 that doesn't sound like a real Swedish accent you sound like someone with a mouth full of food trying to do a stitch impression
Icy Hónapja
"please dont kill me im a nice person" 10 sec later: kills the entire fucking team
Dinohero121 Hónapja
12:04 I see sky's of blu-
Sebastian Lee
Sebastian Lee 2 hónapja
That intro clip made me cringe out of my body
xD 2 hónapja
xDD Panda
xDD Panda 2 hónapja
I wasn’t aware that Kali was actually a pistoleer. I’ll take that into consideration when buying the operator
GabDantslz 2 hónapja
brazilian Butt I as a Brazilian feel proud
Dominius 258CZ
Dominius 258CZ 2 hónapja
Timmi 06
Timmi 06 3 hónapja
Good Morning vietnam! Ahh SHhit
Rush 3 hónapja
you in all videos: LETS GOOOOOOOOOO
Taoufik Ghourbani
Taoufik Ghourbani 3 hónapja
A year later i have a question Am i the only guy who felt something when seeing his intro i really felt some pain
Danidtan 3
Danidtan 3 3 hónapja
Friendly channel youtube,1 year later;go f urself b
Abxupallo 3 hónapja
Thanks for using my song in your intro love
Alex_Boxingink20 3 hónapja
Whats that song at 2:00
Çağan Aydın
Çağan Aydın 3 hónapja
My best chater is nokk
Zockerwatte _
Zockerwatte _ 3 hónapja
Guten Morning so half german and half english
large male
large male 3 hónapja
for a second there i thought he went from an r6 lobby to an average csgo lobby in a split second
Pleasant Pancake
Pleasant Pancake 4 hónapja
No vigil is your mother
Cymric 4 hónapja
6:42 dominance bitch
Rosalie Makarski
Rosalie Makarski 4 hónapja
The frequent raft bareilly groan because flame intraspecifically form given a empty nigeria. thin, momentous prose
Fornax 4 hónapja
I like how you go through windows with Kali lol
Nathan 4 hónapja
Ah, Kali before the two reworks was awesome
Aquilez 18
Aquilez 18 4 hónapja
6:31 typical cs:go
TrustyShark 4 hónapja
8:28 is that a foreshadow?
Larry Cheese
Larry Cheese 4 hónapja
10:55 he was playing with Phineas
Unkn_wn 4 hónapja
999 dislikes.... wow
Ck Otaku
Ck Otaku 4 hónapja
9:42 As a Swede I can confirm this is how we talk
Renzo Moyse-Fuchs
Renzo Moyse-Fuchs 4 hónapja
Bikini:he had à family Also him: do an ace
Hayamaster studio 3.0 Re
8:33 the road ti si cinematic in a nutshell.
Brody Jackson
Brody Jackson 5 hónapja
First ten Seconds I cried while holding my testis
ela é malvada >:(
Turtl3PlayZ 5 hónapja
I use her as a soft breach also and then I use her smg
Chris Suppers
Chris Suppers 5 hónapja
Lol someone said testi-splosion in the comments. Made my day after it was ruined by the pain i felt from that clip
Tokyoto 5 hónapja
00:21 we will be playing with cauli.. cauliflower?
MimotojiYT 5 hónapja
2:39 what is that song ?? cuz i need it
Zest 4 who?
Zest 4 who? 5 hónapja
bikini is making fucking mac an cheese and nobody can stop him
Rafael LPM
Rafael LPM 5 hónapja
9:14 "I shot that Brazilian butt" Bodhi - Bikini 2019
SkullDogIvy 6 hónapja
famous last words "arnt there frostmats"
hieu phan
hieu phan 6 hónapja
FBI caçando
FBI caçando 6 hónapja
I am brazilian
Alfie Warden
Alfie Warden 6 hónapja
this makes me do this strat in ranked
NeRdZz 6 hónapja
Hey sniper elite 4
CheapNotch 6 hónapja
Me: *reads title* BB: “I am terrible with snipers.” Me: “I trust you.”
piggy bruh
piggy bruh 6 hónapja
Ah the “I play a lot of call of duty but I heard this game was fun” operator
Dirk 6 hónapja
bro why kali look like she boutta sneeze
Electric Gum
Electric Gum 6 hónapja
8:41 *holly music starts*
AFK Leo Bot
AFK Leo Bot 6 hónapja
Bikini Van you speak German
Sutoren Jay
Sutoren Jay 6 hónapja
2:09 goodmorning Vietnem yo im from VN
LetoZeth 6 hónapja
Kali would be better if her gadget was a single mag of armor piercing rounds that could shoot through reinforced walls and leave tiny bullet holes.
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 6 hónapja
I got it free lol
KelliTheProtogen 6 hónapja
Bikini: imma vault this window Frost trap: *Chain Chomp noises intensifies*
ManiX207 6 hónapja
me seeing this .. damn they nerfedd kali hard. . gimme back the single shot pistoli nstead of cz
Temp R6S
Temp R6S 7 hónapja
Wtf why u put platinum and u just playing casual
Jolly Man
Jolly Man 7 hónapja
Who needs Amaru when you got Kali
Devon Clem
Devon Clem 7 hónapja
Me n my friend used finka and Kali together and i adrenal surged as he got quickscopes due to the increase in everything that adrenal surge does
esp3ctral_Test 7 hónapja
Oh my god i felt that shot 0:04
Dailynxte 7 hónapja
Jag heter homo peter
Bodhi Matthew
Bodhi Matthew 8 hónapja
Heyyyy my names Bodhi toooo
maniZ 8 hónapja
Привет из Уфы
Qasem Kareem
Qasem Kareem 8 hónapja
He’s not funny
Master_Nick17 8 hónapja
Nice rush B
Binnif TheBenis
Binnif TheBenis 8 hónapja
I never knew the hostage had that drop animation 😂😂
》That Guy 《
》That Guy 《 8 hónapja
11:55 that payday 2 track😍
AlphaOfCyber 8 hónapja
Oh wooow... Oh he usin the Amaru gadget...
I 8 hónapja
i am brazillian guy :)
Jack Madej
Jack Madej 8 hónapja
The music at the beginning is the Pokemon sun and moon theme
CallMe Noobstatus
CallMe Noobstatus 9 hónapja
Dood the sniper elite 4 clip was awesome
『Szukayki』 9 hónapja
BikiniBodhi: Family friendly channel Also bikinibodhi: 0:11
Thiago Carvalho
Thiago Carvalho 9 hónapja
I don't speack english very weel but this guy i can listen
Alan Araujo
Alan Araujo 9 hónapja
Ir he’s kali than how?(4:29)
Alan Araujo
Alan Araujo 9 hónapja
2:10 FaMiLy FrIeNdLy ChAnNeL
Keiden Gilliam
Keiden Gilliam 9 hónapja
I love that he didn't get mad when he died
moh ali
moh ali 9 hónapja
When I searched for your video, I was wanted to be a professional, but after I saw it i do not gave shit i want fain
Toonee 9 hónapja
So what I'm getting is you made a sniper sledge but only able to use a secondary.
Edmond Reed
Edmond Reed 9 hónapja
literally how you play sledge though
Supernooby 9 hónapja
im the last one to complain about accents as german but holy hell that swedish accent hurt. *hans, get se flammenwerfer*
Egor Kurmyshov
Egor Kurmyshov 9 hónapja
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield 9 hónapja
12:03 nice backflip
Lonewolf Is here
Lonewolf Is here 9 hónapja
Lol you’re literally using kali’s snipe as a sledge😂😂
Juan Esteban González Toscano
I love crash bandiccot soundtrack
Penny Smeller XD
Penny Smeller XD 10 hónapja
When bikini is attacking Some one picked frost D: Nobody picked frost :D
Cwissy Bear
Cwissy Bear 10 hónapja
Kini pisses in the toilet....not on the seat
Tiên Sana
Tiên Sana 10 hónapja
2:09 good morning bikini :3
EarthMagic YT
EarthMagic YT 10 hónapja
U relies u can use your device to break barricades?
space santana
space santana 10 hónapja
Hey that’s me! 😀
Jerard Cruz
Jerard Cruz 10 hónapja
He used his secondary more than the actual sniper
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor 10 hónapja
2:42 how he'd hit that from that far
Aeronaut 10 hónapja
When you talk swedish, you sound like Gollum.
Otan2402 10 hónapja
9:17 xd
Aesthetic. 11 hónapja
3:43 - 3:52 OMG its Divide from Hotline Miami !!!
Darlia Pires
Darlia Pires 11 hónapja
9:12 i am brazilian dude ;----;
StealthyArcher1 11 hónapja
Cav is Portuguese working for Brazilian ctu
🔮Falkon - 3/3
Megtekintés 22 E
🔮Falkon - 3/3
Megtekintés 22 E
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