Rainbow Six Siege's *NEW* Tachanka is SUPER OVERPOWERED?! 😲 

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In this Rainbow Six Siege montage video, we play the new overpowered Tachanka Rework.

Operation Shadow Legacy is drastically changing the playing field...

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🎵 Music:
Infected Mushroom - Walking On The Moon (Bad Computer Remix)
The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Outset Island
Hotline Miami Soundtrack OST - Paris 2
National Anthem Worx - National Anthem Sweden (Classical Version)
Pokemon Omega Ruby \u0026 Alpha Sapphire OST - Route 101
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess OST - Ooccoo's Theme
Simon Viklund - Dance of the Turbo Tribe
Stationary Sign - Another Fried Chicken
Rabbids Go Home OST - Bubamara
Pokémon Ruby Sapphire Emerald OST - Game Corner
New Super Mario Bros. OST - Overworld Theme

🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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BikiniBodhi 8 hónapja
LAST FAREWELL RELEASES IN 2 DAYS LET'S GOOOO!!!!! WISHLIST IT NOW!!!!! store.steampowered.com/app/1234240/Last_Farewell/
Delate 5 hónapja
@srpgn шумиха-shumiha
Delate 5 hónapja
Шумиха- shumiha
WWII Vet, John Taco
You should have used echo in that team composition, to make them even slower.
Nemzeti provokátor
Thats not Tachanka s voice :(
Love Bringer
Love Bringer 7 hónapja
Shiet (English) + Mishka(Russian this is "Bear") = ShietBear
AstroCart 28 napja
I love the mario backround music
Alex Morton
Alex Morton Hónapja
Okay the defenders have all types of stuff to defend against gadgets. At this point so does the attackers so it's easier to counter operators like this.
Reniel Rojo
Reniel Rojo Hónapja
He isnt a lord now HE'S A GOD
Jayvee Owen Constante
Soviet Russia
Soviet Russia 2 hónapja
Damn i like tachanka
cat 2 hónapja
I make triple kill with glass XD
amir hewland
amir hewland 2 hónapja
Shitmishka is just shitbear if we translate mishka
Mert Yelgeç
Mert Yelgeç 2 hónapja
What s the song in the background in 0:17
Tiny Mouse
Tiny Mouse 2 hónapja
One of kini's less enjoyable vids, all he does is scream op.
Northstar _
Northstar _ Hónapja
vaN Lord
vaN Lord 2 hónapja
LMAO hi cant say shumiHA кста привет Русским
Karg Bear
Karg Bear 2 hónapja
HUtownrs and overreacting, name a more iconic duo
oscar de astora
oscar de astora 2 hónapja
Go tachanka!!!🇷🇺 Ps: tachanka brazillian voice actor is better than english
Aron Pana
Aron Pana 3 hónapja
Ahhh yes ragnaros
InfernoGaming_YT 3 hónapja
Why does tachanka sound like Bob Ross?
crazy pappapig
crazy pappapig 3 hónapja
this video is not sponsored
xgamet 130
xgamet 130 3 hónapja
Its not called Tachanka, its called Lord Tachanka and could u pls make next time an video with speaking english inlly with an british accent
The Omen
The Omen 3 hónapja
And from that day forward, Tachanka has decided to use 1% of his power to completely bully shield mains
GR H 3 hónapja
Ha! Bikini’s intro matched the background music, made me laugh
FlexArmSwoleStrong 3 hónapja
0:26 with captions
Кирилл Торган
Мы русские с нами "сумишка"
Назар Библюк
Amaru: stop bullying me!
Dabkiller 123
Dabkiller 123 3 hónapja
I was watching this video and my Kitchen flooded
ira mesler
ira mesler 3 hónapja
well thznks for showing me how to play the lord better
watermelon 3 hónapja
he got nerfed
Xaviou777 4 hónapja
I started replaying rb6 about 3 weeks ago. I'm not the kind of person who gets aces. Already have 3 or 4 with Tachanka
Miyo3 4 hónapja
every single time I see 8:05 I see that video from neighbourhood BBQ when one man bitchslaped every single person there xD
Javid Mirzayev
Javid Mirzayev 4 hónapja
Shumikha basically when a lot of people scream about random stuff aka “Fuss”
kSwissh007 4 hónapja
Tachanka the real Mvp 🥳
Arinho 4 hónapja
R.I.P Old tachanka and mountin a river
Vingx 4 hónapja
7:50 i heard the background music and it was familiar but i couldn't put my figure on until i found it. btw if you felt the same way its from "rabbits go home"
Jonathan Vana
Jonathan Vana 4 hónapja
How could you like this only the Og’s remember the old days with the mounted lmg and fun with the voicelines and the main voice actor 😔😔😭😭
Jingle Cat
Jingle Cat 4 hónapja
6:32 we’re literally breaking the Geneva conventions video games don’t cause violence
Giuseppe Vaccaro
Giuseppe Vaccaro 4 hónapja
Finally a good reason to play this shitty game again
Charlie Stuckey
Charlie Stuckey 4 hónapja
12:11 *knockknockonock* FBI OPEN UP
Crusader with an M60
The new tachanka is so tight that even his voice actor didnt want to fit in.
Julian II 'The Apostate' Constantinian
before, it took skill to ace with tachanka. Now it's just why
Russia Countryhumans
Tachanka vs ugly mobile legends
Talon 4 hónapja
withstand on tachanka
Talon 4 hónapja
Cyberboy445 4 hónapja
0:27 turn on subtitles
Obama Worm
Obama Worm 5 hónapja
That headgear makes tachanka look like a buttplug
JxDmini 5 hónapja
Светлана Панфилова
Это первый комментарий на русском языке здесь
Matthew Perez
Matthew Perez 5 hónapja
Oh god I didn’t know tachanka could withstand
WPrometh 5 hónapja
I like him when he was ironically a god not an actual god
Паша Захарченко
Clash with smoke and tachanka is so OP.
Lumiv 5 hónapja
How come the colour of your ads is green for chanka? Mine is yellow and i prefer green xD how do i change it?
kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv
Its in settings
ShyGuy 0619
ShyGuy 0619 5 hónapja
Anyone else get where the “man filth” sound came from
Brendonia 5 hónapja
Anyone know the music at 0:46?
Vincent Nguyen
Vincent Nguyen 5 hónapja
Ok this is the first time I heard that he can withstand
Delate 5 hónapja
Among_us_you_are_dead 76
Behold, the Russian Warlord has become a better Russian Warlord
Getting Cock!
Getting Cock! 6 hónapja
Phantom Eagle
Phantom Eagle 6 hónapja
Wtf tachanka had withstand?
EvroBro 6 hónapja
It's russian superpower army!
Mike2004FR 6 hónapja
Game: rainbow six Song: rocket league Tachanka: god
Hiro MASTER 6 hónapja
I stg if ur bitching gets tachanka nerfed im gonna turn into real life tachanka.
Jãger main
Jãger main 6 hónapja
at least we know what's under his helmet now
I Animate Terribly
I Animate Terribly 6 hónapja
this is fine.
Kraken 6 hónapja
Ода тачанка
HoppingSnake290 6 hónapja
I still miss his machine gun tho
Spartan Echo
Spartan Echo 6 hónapja
They shouldnt have removed the classic lines, instead they should have updated them, ex. "LMG, MOUNTED AND LOADED" could be "LMG, MOBILE AND LOADED" What do ya'll think?
Yer friendly neighborhood scottish bastard
Tachanka upon withstanding: DAVAI TIME TO RUSH B CYKA!!!!!!
niftymillerdj 6 hónapja
Eva Bawden
Eva Bawden 6 hónapja
Banned inc: heres tachanka in all its glory, do you like it? Bakini: tHis iS FiNe
Henrique Azevedo
Henrique Azevedo 6 hónapja
tachanka new meta
Boss 6 hónapja
Chowder didnot aced because kini killed capitao with taser
Austin Houselog
Austin Houselog 6 hónapja
They should of made it so when lord tachanka when he gets called he just chucks his phone
namdnaS rM
namdnaS rM 6 hónapja
tachanka before: must sit in one place, tachanka now: haha roam go *brrrrrrrr*
EliteSpartnOPS1 6 hónapja
~LaUnChInG gReNaDeS~
River Otter
River Otter 6 hónapja
That team comp reminds me very much of the GOATS meta from OW. Very slow paced, and impossible to get in on
Marek Kozłowski
Marek Kozłowski 6 hónapja
Plazmatit 6 hónapja
Шумишка... Пфффф
Al3ncar _
Al3ncar _ 6 hónapja
they say ''i como sopa de macaco ?''
mightjb 45
mightjb 45 6 hónapja
Y’all pc players complain to much that’s why we console players get all these trash updates
Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson 6 hónapja
After years of mockery, Tachanky finally was consumed by an incredible, vodka-fueled rage. He is merely reminding everbody who the lord is.
bowler boy
bowler boy 6 hónapja
Mountin' A River remix when?
Elamise Velist
Elamise Velist 6 hónapja
Chank is a god now Ubisoft you made his dream come true.
Lord Dracoliche
Lord Dracoliche 6 hónapja
He's not overpowered is pronounced Balanced
Igor Costa
Igor Costa 6 hónapja
A R E Y O U H A V I N G F U N ? ? ?
Caty 6 hónapja
Every tiem wehn I hear you say "Are you having fun" I'm thining about the meme with "Are you winning son" xDDD
Lord Tachanka
Lord Tachanka 6 hónapja
They nerfed The God 😎
DJ Moneycat
DJ Moneycat 7 hónapja
UWU where are you spawning step-bro
Peyton Parkhill
Peyton Parkhill 7 hónapja
I like the new Tachanka I just wish you could use his bipod on his lmg so we could still hear that "LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED!"
HomerGunther 7 hónapja
The new meta: everyone spawn at different points
FR Studio
FR Studio 7 hónapja
I aced with alibi my first time playing her. Totally mwans shes overpowered. Must nerf her
Gabe Itch
Gabe Itch 7 hónapja
He is better cause they maid him white
Shin Avila
Shin Avila 7 hónapja
Imagine breathing fart, getting shocked, getting knocked and being flambe'd by a Russian screaming "are u having fun"
Petrucho Makoroni
Petrucho Makoroni 7 hónapja
Лорд восстал из пепла!
Co4 OwO
Co4 OwO 7 hónapja
Rocket League soundtrack hits hard 👌🤤
Krypto Kn8
Krypto Kn8 7 hónapja
I love the new Tachanka
XXDeadeye J
XXDeadeye J 7 hónapja
When you Go to the abortion clinic and all you hear is 5:40
Br3nt 7 hónapja
i finnaly got my 2nd ace thanks to tachanka rework
Remixdum 7 hónapja
8:07 he clapped the entire enemy team's cheeks
Daniel Eugenio
Daniel Eugenio 7 hónapja
Bro Pokemon Town x and y starter Town music bruh
UnKiRuckuz Uwu
UnKiRuckuz Uwu 7 hónapja
lol did you really use a world of warcraft meme
Anubis 7 hónapja
6:05 music??
Vlad Haiducu
Vlad Haiducu 7 hónapja
JukeTheBox 7 hónapja
His gadget isnt that good, maybe better than the turret. Just my opinion
Lex Nguyen
Lex Nguyen 7 hónapja
The lord has truly become the lord
WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)