Rainbow Six Siege DELETED Clash 

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BikiniBodhi 2 évvel
This is so sad, can we get 1 Million Likes on this video to buff Clash?
AndriyxP90 11 hónapja
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Lionely Évvel
Not even quarter way R.I.P.
happyhat Évvel
no its not sad we need to nerf it
Josh Evans
Josh Evans Évvel
No. Fuck clash and fuck you.
Xionek Évvel
No clash is garbage
Igor Batista
Igor Batista 4 hónapja
Why you had to bait me like that bro
Lemon 4 hónapja
alternative title: clash before spinjitsu
F.B.I Executive Klaus from ze Luftwaffe
As a new siege player, I dunno about back then, but now all clash mains are toxic and just spawn peak all the entrances so no one can even get in.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 6 hónapja
Ja men hallå
2005 VincentChui
2005 VincentChui 6 hónapja
Clash getting nerfed once more:
Ivory Jones
Ivory Jones 7 hónapja
Have yall seen clashes vest it says covid 19 a little bit
Harry Leddings
Harry Leddings 7 hónapja
Ok are we all ignoring that clash’s vest thing says CO19 on it? As in.... COVID 19?!?!?! It might be a coincidence but holy moly
DatGuyFromEarlier 8 hónapja
fun fact on pc if u hover ur mouse over on the video before clicking it the thumbnail blends into the video and its so picture perfect that its insane
wafflelord 8 hónapja
Clash needs some one to find an op trick for herself
Dylan LeRibeus
Dylan LeRibeus 8 hónapja
pov your watching in 2020 and notice clashes jacket says co 19
Kirk Findley
Kirk Findley 8 hónapja
Instead of buffing someone like tachanka or nerfing maverick They nerf clash who was already bad
r6 is a good game
r6 is a good game 9 hónapja
On clash chest it says co 19 which is very convenient 😓
Aiden Mcandress
Aiden Mcandress 9 hónapja
You no what I am realizing now it’s that clash is da COVID 19 which means she is the creator
Daverino 9 hónapja
7:03 Charm dance
bruno_oof 10 hónapja
Fuck clash
Aiden van Orselen
Aiden van Orselen 10 hónapja
Bikini how do you get the shield skin
Alison Hörn
Alison Hörn 10 hónapja
Nerf her again
Igorusz 10 hónapja
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 11 hónapja
CO19 COVID-19 I think this virus nerfed her
catapimbas 11 hónapja
Interrogacion is not how they say in Brazil interrogation
BLACK_WOLF 11 hónapja
I love when he say wat
Rafael Carollo
Rafael Carollo 11 hónapja
I known what you are wondering,whats the part of the nerf.... Hmm did I not having a deja vu? *I known what you are wondering,whats in the cannister.*
batuu- 11 hónapja
I had to say this ur fucking thing works so fucking well
OJAS Dwivedi
OJAS Dwivedi 11 hónapja
3:01 - What's in the canister?
Hirho 11 hónapja
Cav is BRAZILIAN she speaks PORTUGUESE, so its not "interrogacion" (its spanish), the right, is "INTERROGAÇÃO!" THAT IS PORTUGUESE. Thank you btw #respectmycountry #respectmylanguage #WEDONTSPEAKSPANISH!
martin eric
martin eric 11 hónapja
Ok still waiting foto a Clash elite
Jacobplayz Évvel
Is it sad I got a ace with clash
XxSebixxX Évvel
0:21 Do you guys see the Co19 too? This is strange.
She’s my favorite defense op
ItzAffected Évvel
4:00 how shield operators have fun
Mans had a live chat in a video
Rafaell Ramos
Clash is a trash
cakeman 009
cakeman 009 Évvel
I love it When godly noob say Interagacion
xConvoy Évvel
This video was relevant a lot of the time
Rod1nka Évvel
ubisoft make an update BikiniBodhi-"Let's play music from angry birds" xD
thatKidJosh Évvel
yo the angry birds music is fire
Kerem Yuca
Kerem Yuca Évvel
i think CLASH is good i love CLASH but some people banning it
Tachanka Main
I have started a clan where if we ever see a Clash we try to vote kick them we will kill if it does not work.
Red Wolf
Red Wolf Évvel
Are you having fun with these perfectly balanced but also some not so balanced ops which are still fun to play against (i.e. recruits repetitive nerfs)? Ubisoft said no fun allowed.
Leo4MC Évvel
On Clash Uniform stand co19 stand for covid 19😄
Moritz Baumgartner
Bikini: I know what you're wondering. Me: WHAT'S IN THE CANISTER?
Dan Knudsen
Dan Knudsen Évvel
so I just realized that clash has CO, VI, and 19 on her chest plate that's uh unfortunate
rileyk wolfe
rileyk wolfe Évvel
clash is still bad swap speed is still slow
Suhan Wu
Suhan Wu Évvel
Well they nerf clash but you make it op
Um_Ionic Évvel
I would have clutched a 1v3 if it wasn’t for the nerf.
Hooper Calamari
They should make it so if you zap a reinforced wall or wire etc it electrifys it
Mason Évvel
Her shield is op
Tapes8s Évvel
Metro Lync
Metro Lync Évvel
3:32 what's that music called 😂
VEoFASA 6 hónapja
oh i was looking for this comment, im wondering the same thing
Dario Nova
Dario Nova Évvel
4:57 Flex shield now for sale
Brandonez Doofenshmirtz
She was gone for like a full year or more
- Fidget-
- Fidget- Évvel
She was put on trial for police brutality
SuckySuck Évvel
Just so everyone knows, I voted its coming.
4FrosT Évvel
And then there are people who say that she's op and she should be nerfed.... Omegalul
still the most bullshit and impossible to kill operator, what a dumb idea from the siege devs.
#Llamalloons Évvel
Clash hard counter to Maveric=NERF HER!!!
Jusan Prod
Jusan Prod Évvel
Kalinka Kalinka Kalinka Moya 😉👍🙃
Michael Kane
Michael Kane Évvel
3:39 Clashes Armor says CO19. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.
Scary ScottishClown
I'm sure the full thing is actually SCO19, a firearms training thingy if I'm not mistaken.
Kerem Yuca
Kerem Yuca Évvel
Vybz Évvel
Michael Kane yup ive been thinkin that the whole time
drip floppa
drip floppa Évvel
Whrn i see it says clash delted me: oh shit here we go again
So wait has this nerf been removed
Mr Gold
Mr Gold Évvel
He predicted the Future 3 time
Kahng Dj
Kahng Dj Évvel
Her gun are bad You better take that back her gun is a smg
Psychic Évvel
Skilled operater ks!!!!!!!
808s and Crysta
Aleš Böhm
Aleš Böhm Évvel
6:33 that guy who run away. Its like me when i see ops like Clash,Tachanka or Kapkan. f_ck this sh_t i am out.
Влад Jhsll
какого хуя этот видос у меня в ебучих рекомендациях
petrick Évvel
"You know, Clash, the Operator thats not just annoying its also ugly asf."
Eszám Abo Kandil
thank you
XE NO. Évvel
Noctiphany Évvel
But in the future his strat will blow up and its called turtle back it is very effective indeed.
Mirage Main
Mirage Main Évvel
Why did Monty keep letting you dab on favela
Stevan Gligorijevic E25
Me maining every shield operator in this new season and seeing thi svedeo just makes me laugh when someone says that shield operators are dumb or Clash cant play alone lmao
Funnydoc Évvel
Clash is just montagne except when she sees you the game is literally over
GammaINC Évvel
the only person who bitches about a clash nerf is a clash main hahaha nerd. jk i love you
Rose002 Évvel
Eray Der Zocker
3:02 know what you're wondering what's in the canister
Sam Is Short
Sam Is Short Évvel
Clash sucked ass
Alpha Dragon1337
Tachanka aint bad!
Dustotom2007's Gaming
I know why they nerfed her! They are racist.
Dano yaseen
Dano yaseen Évvel
Whats in the cannister or what HUH!?!
DarkFlame Master
Clash instant ban every game xD
vootives Évvel
Tell Marley To Get On Bro
Spartann Évvel
He delivers
is it just me or not but when clash gets shot on the shield bullet holes appear that look alot like the formation of australia's southern cross ( also on flag) aka crux that can only be seen from nsw australia but then australian ops come out 2 seasons after is this a maybe a teaser know one noticed
Alex Page
Alex Page Évvel
Wait on the clash vest it is mark which makes think of COVID 19 HUM????
Biggie Évvel
nomad and blitz counter
GROOT50564 Évvel
She has so many glitches that they take her out of the game, bring her back, and then they take her back out for a teleportation glitch two weeks later.
Nathan Évvel
7:25 _bonk_
Ubisoft: *watch me do it again*
Ghostface Évvel
And again
lampshade Évvel
She’s still out in 2020
26kDxrth Évvel
*NOW* Bikinibodhi in The Simpsons
Tom G.
Tom G. Évvel
This video is still relevant
Funny is that clash need maintenance
Jeremy Azarel
Min Yom
Min Yom Évvel
Ahem. This video still is relevant.
Blake Barbee
Blake Barbee Évvel
Thank god for the nerf. They are finally doing something right.
Nemanja Adzemovic
Zane Lazar
Zane Lazar Évvel
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Rainbow Six Siege is Fixed
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