Rainbow Six Siege But... WARDEN IS OP?! 

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BikiniBodhi Évvel
Only Real Gamers can watch this video >:)
itZ_PsYcho 18 napja
کص ننت
Danidtan 3
Danidtan 3 2 hónapja
correction only real r6s players can watch
Lorenz Klingler
Lorenz Klingler 3 hónapja
I am realll wow
Vulcan 5 hónapja
So.. me?
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 8 hónapja
Yo can i play whit u I bet i am better
TuzkovoStudio 4 napja
Jiří Cacák ml.
No. Cause good players.
Krioeus Misticus
is there any russians? мы захватываем этот канал
TTGlitch 554
TTGlitch 554 17 napja
Is this bodhi or custard
Faceless One
Faceless One 28 napja
Summoning his inner Marley with that wheeze
Fungous Spark250
🤣13:23 the sound effects
Damien Nichols
Damien Nichols Hónapja
Bro nice
Ur Sus
Ur Sus Hónapja
"what level is that guy"
Glitchy Set
Glitchy Set Hónapja
Doctor this respect
smitzen 2 hónapja
To this day i still appreciate the people who use Skyward Sword songs as background music and such.
DuckDag 2 hónapja
Ehhh messi
Andrew the Sparrow
Andrew the Sparrow 2 hónapja
10:25 s m o k e s m o k e s m o k e
Giovanna Caputo
Giovanna Caputo 2 hónapja
“What’s in the smoke?” “🙀”
Smiley 2 hónapja
0:06 Ronaldo: "Get a life" And he did.
SwiSs_heErO 3 hónapja
10:19 killt me
Jajik 2017
Jajik 2017 3 hónapja
I thinked this is Lt Custard
Borys Smolarkiewicz
"Bikinibodhi never die"
Soviet Russia
Soviet Russia 3 hónapja
Impossibly how you so gg
Kryštof Dohnálek
Kryštof Dohnálek 3 hónapja
Ohh you just used czech meme... Thank you ( The falling guy is our meme TV chiev) Nice video btw
GladeSucksAtGames 3 hónapja
We all thought Warden was released after his time, little did we know he was ahead of the curve
toshi!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 hónapja
love the zelda music
ThatRandomGamer21 3 hónapja
Gustavo Mendes
Gustavo Mendes 3 hónapja
What is the song that plays in that minute? 1:56
Rosalie Makarski
Rosalie Makarski 3 hónapja
The plucky representative extremely introduce because stomach feraly part times a giddy shampoo. clumsy, uttermost lion
Pooya Karimi
Pooya Karimi 4 hónapja
Karma !
mynameis pie
mynameis pie 4 hónapja
Petition to get the D.50 for warden like if u agree:D
채동진 4 hónapja
채동진 4 hónapja
@Bielzinho Lima No ads
Bielzinho Lima
Bielzinho Lima 4 hónapja
LaZerNor 4 hónapja
Warden: "Glance engaged" 2 idiots: 1:25
Qwe Pow
Qwe Pow 4 hónapja
10:19 funny momeent
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 4 hónapja
How many times did he kill nomad
RAINBOW 6 MANIA 4 hónapja
''말보다는 행동이지'' "malbodanun hangdongeji"
BunkerBoizz 4 hónapja
I watched this video and litterly got black ice for the shotgun
Klassic Ahmed
Klassic Ahmed 4 hónapja
5:52 when they disable your cool glasses so you disable thier life
DIEGO BOCEDI 4 hónapja
Put a like if you're a Warden main
DIEGO BOCEDI 4 hónapja
like me
Discord Cow
Discord Cow 4 hónapja
I want a whole warden rework
redzy ig
redzy ig 4 hónapja
Word's got around that another settlement needs your help, here, I'll mark it on your map.
chase 456
chase 456 4 hónapja
Warden is kind of one of the worst operators in the game mostly because at least for me I never get flashbanged when I'm playing as him
matthew m
matthew m 4 hónapja
But there’s been a situation where I was verse blitz and I clapped him
Çağan K
Çağan K 5 hónapja
2:14 stardew valley song ?
anton beavers
anton beavers 5 hónapja
getting knocked by nomad is insane its like the hell happened to me
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips 5 hónapja
whats in the canister me mustard gas other people nerf
t-bone steak
t-bone steak 5 hónapja
don’t show this to custard 🤫
Syeed Zaman
Syeed Zaman 5 hónapja
If warden and nokk had a bet on who was a better operator and if players chose nokk then nokk would smack warden in the face if players chose warden then warden would smack nokk in the face so who do you think is better (please dont take this seriously this is just for fun.)
Syeed Zaman
Syeed Zaman 5 hónapja
We need warden to have good guns and a gadget buff.
yung blossom
yung blossom 5 hónapja
The crash bandicoot music is just 👌🏽
Turtl3PlayZ 5 hónapja
I’ve wanted impact smokes since season 3 even more so since warden
Mysterious Person
Mysterious Person 5 hónapja
Happy this game still alive
Samuel Thomas
Samuel Thomas 5 hónapja
*-Lt. Custard liked this-*
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 5 hónapja
Can't wait for another warden video
YS Gabbelito
YS Gabbelito 5 hónapja
Är din dröm att få Clash med BOSG ACOG
Dierdre Mcnutt
Dierdre Mcnutt 5 hónapja
The average step correspondingly invite because explanation inevitably paste out a level stomach. new, goofy fat
Seb01 5 hónapja
Personaly to buff warden i think they should rework his ability, his new ability would work sorta like rooks. He would put it on the ground and his teammates can pick it up it will be able to make tou immune to 2 flashes and once you have been sheilded from two flashes it would burn off and not have any affect
Jonbon 6 hónapja
This is my friend bikibodhi idk if hes taken and hes cracked at r6s my guy UHHHHHH😩😩😩
Thanapong Kongpung
Thanapong Kongpung 6 hónapja
stardew valleeeeeeeeeeey
Slavic Mapper
Slavic Mapper 6 hónapja
im asking whos better warden or mozzie?
Magnus 6 hónapja
like the hotline miami soundtrack
La Baguette
La Baguette 6 hónapja
13:23 anytime a younger sibling walks up the stairs
Quasian TheAlibiMainer
0:15-0:17 That's sounds really nice,give us 10 hour version please
Vini_ Loko1457
Vini_ Loko1457 6 hónapja
Cara eu sou o unico brasileiro que assiste esse cara foda??
Radsic FN
Radsic FN 6 hónapja
Every op is now op
Wiener Man
Wiener Man 6 hónapja
All I got to say is 10:26
tsomaa 6 hónapja
Desperately trying to find the song at 10:26 please help
Monhbat Onon
Monhbat Onon 6 hónapja
TheMuffinMan 6 hónapja
Why does he run red dot tho
H S 6 hónapja
The courageous brow conspicuously guard because golf holoprosencephaly wreck sans a mushy certification. tricky, zippy vegetarian
Fast intro
hEatr3d 7 hónapja
Why Ubi gave Mute voice, when they could make him go like 8:44
hEatr3d 7 hónapja
I lost it on bartender warden episode. Like it's just perfect. Google can close the youtube, nothing would ever beat this anyway.
Gage Ramsay
Gage Ramsay 7 hónapja
When I first glanced I thought it said 1.5k and was like whaaaaa
Theo Spencer
Theo Spencer 7 hónapja
Thomas Brett
Thomas Brett 7 hónapja
As soon as I hear some1 say like goals I turn the fucking video off immediately, u do t care both know your a scum bag
Kyarakuta 7 hónapja
ANIMATION RUNING IN WARDAN VERY SEXY If UBI give for Warden some smokes he is gonna be a imbalance but UBI just don’t want understand and think what community very want that ! BUT NO THEY ARE REWOWK SHALE AND NOW THAT MAP IS SHIT
-FishingRod- 7 hónapja
Warden is the most useless op
Mr. Billy
Mr. Billy 7 hónapja
You feel like you have so much power when you encounter a blitz as warden How the turn tables
Cody Archer
Cody Archer 7 hónapja
When max was dying weesing it sounded like the jump around music
Matt _
Matt _ 7 hónapja
Make it to where his glasses give him thermal sights
iiEco-Ryan 3166
iiEco-Ryan 3166 7 hónapja
Bodhi is the best Warden simply because he used his gadget more than one time in this video
Kamii 7 hónapja
1:55 the oblivion theme...FeelsStrongMan
Gustavo Mendes
Gustavo Mendes 3 hónapja
man what name this song?
Saran Mahdi
Saran Mahdi 7 hónapja
no one : bikinibodhi going try hard in casual thinking hes pro lol
Aoi Kazuya
Aoi Kazuya 8 hónapja
ned flanders got an upgrade
Annie Whitemar
Annie Whitemar 8 hónapja
What does "OP" mean?
Étienne Lépine
Étienne Lépine 8 hónapja
. . '--'
lara molina
lara molina 8 hónapja
bikinibodhi is one of the best reimbow six sige players (In my opinion) greetings from Argentina
фантом simpli
Oliver Woodhead
Oliver Woodhead 8 hónapja
What is that gun camp and how do you get it?
Geckonerd 8 hónapja
That whole bit at the bar needs to be animated. I think the part that sold me on that bit was their casual conversation while people were shooting around them.
stuC_manu 8 hónapja
U are a god
Apollo 8 hónapja
“I was popping off”
Moonas 8 hónapja
This Stardew Valley music
Niktar 8 hónapja
I had not clicked on the video for the video but because I wanted to press buff Warden picture.
Dense 9 hónapja
This is not possible this is not right. Warden can not be op.
Cryptic TV
Cryptic TV 9 hónapja
King Wolf
King Wolf 9 hónapja
They could buff warden by giving him the 2.0 scope on his MPX so he can anchor from long angles.
Shadow ?????
Shadow ????? 9 hónapja
2:06 sus.
Radhika Bhaiya
Radhika Bhaiya 9 hónapja
everything is op for you.
Ajeet Singh
Ajeet Singh 9 hónapja
Bikini I got ya a question ..... would u accept Ubisoft to give warden impact smoke but clash have to get rework?
Gopnik The destroyer
Siege could add a microwaved turd and HUtownrs would call it op
F B i
F B i 9 hónapja
and now warden cant see tru smoke
Recoil 9 hónapja
MaxTheAnimator 9 hónapja
5:20 is a perfect representation of what too much wine does to you.