I MADE Zero One of The *STRONGEST* Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege 😱🟢🟢🟢 

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In this Rainbow Six Siege Montage we're highlighting Zero, in Aruni 's season Operation Neon Dawn, a bit late, but we let it simmer for longer so it tastes better :)

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🎵 Music:
The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Outset Island
The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - The Great Sea
Pokémon X \u0026 Y - Route 1
Mike Franklyn - Bumblebee
The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword OST - Skyloft
Banjo-Kazooie OST - Spiral Mountain
Stardew Valley OST - Summer (Natures Crescendo)
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess OST - Postman's Theme
Luigi's Mansion OST - Professor E. Gadd
Martin Gauffin - Jumping Cricket 3

🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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BikiniBodhi 5 hónapja
If you arent subbed to me ur mean >:( sub to me rn
Dawson Sydow
Dawson Sydow Hónapja
I can't believe you didn't name the bird Goosetav
Nina Hónapja
Bikini, lets say you and manranke are on the same team and u are playing with zero. Can u ping manranke, so that someone else shoots him?
George Boulton
George Boulton 2 hónapja
Guess I’m mean
Yeetus Feetus
Yeetus Feetus 2 hónapja
I am mean boi
Justin 2 hónapja
But I'm a mean bitch
Fordi Lo9
Fordi Lo9 4 napja
"zero is soup"
red 13 napja
What are you expecting from Sam Fischer?
Devin Yanuardana
4:31 Whats this sound effect
Devin Yanuardana
4:06 Apparently the window is now a door...
BlueShark2010 Animation
🟢🟢 🟢
Holden Goolsby
Holden Goolsby 18 napja
The perfectly cut screams are the best 😂😂
817Zac 18 napja
Ahhh ok bikini Luigi’s mansion music deserves a like
phillip lemos
phillip lemos 21 napja
No you didnt
A Toasty Goose
A Toasty Goose 25 napja
Lol he edited this part 1:52, after that clip he said "you su**"
Lost Account
Lost Account 29 napja
4:05 did you really call a window a door
Nate Condy
Nate Condy Hónapja
Is that a guy suplexin a bear
TheAssasin0 9
TheAssasin0 9 Hónapja
Idea: what if the uav shot by the player could shoot one other uav but the uav shot by the uav couldn't shoot another uav
Chungus Hónapja
I love how his team is playing the game and Kini is just playing fucking subway surfers the whole round
Epicest Man
Epicest Man Hónapja
💚 💚💚
Louis B.
Louis B. Hónapja
I exclusively use zero and do incredible for the most part. Setting came everywhere,
kota Hónapja
discount ee-one-d
[Redacted] Hónapja
Why did I hear a world of warcraft sound at 1:08 ?
lach3460 lach3460
zero is a really good attaker :)
Can of Coke
Can of Coke Hónapja
Not joking, once i was playing against someone with 360000 ping. It was on PS so i don't have a screenshot :(
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 2 hónapja
xXEMERALDXx 2 hónapja
That zero headgear need to be a thing NOW!
Guitar robot
Guitar robot 2 hónapja
12:34 the “BITC-“ 😂
Luke Viljoen
Luke Viljoen 2 hónapja
I've seen llllllllllllll 4:50
EndRob Channel
EndRob Channel 2 hónapja
Mi internet is literally sooo broken. I had 14 855 ping one day... ITS FRICKIN' TRUE!!!
Dr.Marixer 2 hónapja
That Luigis Mansion music in the background is lit
Skilled Kitty
Skilled Kitty 2 hónapja
Uav strat is useless in every way just fun
Shark boy3581 on xbox
His name in jäger but it’s pronounced yeger
Macksee _
Macksee _ 2 hónapja
whats the backroundmusic called from 12:20 to 13:50?
Goodnight girl I c u tomorrow E
It’s luigis mansion
Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor 2 hónapja
like most other yaaager mains lmao 6:33
Dingo 2 hónapja
is katja finnish?
Nicola Smith
Nicola Smith 2 hónapja
I haven't subbed
PeckhamYute shuuush
12:35 song? 0-0
Tank 2 hónapja
you know the argus cams have 2 sides right?
Twilight__1210 2 hónapja
1000 ping? Smh I hit about 15000 ping sometimes
Ramon Murseli
Ramon Murseli 2 hónapja
7:40 that hat me😂😂
Gigi Mano
Gigi Mano 2 hónapja
06:42 how boys talk to girls; 08:37 how boys talk to other boys
Velajuhel 2 hónapja
What I will remember of your videos : the nice stardew Valley music in the back
Chaotic Neutral
Chaotic Neutral 2 hónapja
9:10 - hmmm..I too do a lot of these "pro gamer moves"
Ryan 2 hónapja
Zero UAV > Lion's UAV Wait that gives me a thought, can you put a cam on lions ee1d?
the meme guy
the meme guy 2 hónapja
Too bad they ruined our fun
Lemon Nitrate
Lemon Nitrate 2 hónapja
9:36 the DISRESPECT holy shit
Daniel Javier
Daniel Javier 2 hónapja
Valkyrie: “Throws Nitro Cell Bikini: “Oh WHAT IS THAT” (Dies)
Corrupted Name
Corrupted Name 2 hónapja
13:20 that's alot of operating system you have on you PC.
Juwain Schneider
Juwain Schneider 2 hónapja
You sound more french them him.
lethargicsauce 2 hónapja
9:29 man's on Team SSG
Sweet List
Sweet List 2 hónapja
Bikini playing with bros: SPJRJSHVWFWUJD Bikini when playing with a girl: 5:47 *innocent guy noises*
Keri 2 hónapja
I literally found someone who had 9000 ping
Dmutro Netronin
Dmutro Netronin 2 hónapja
Game: gets new character who can only shoot Bikini: IT IS OP?
Pierre-Gabriel VIRAPIN
I am the only one who recognize thé music of the legend of zelda skyward Sword ?!
Hoffman 2 hónapja
___________________________ Mission Failed We'll get 'em next time ___________________________
Rayyan52 2 hónapja
Imma say this is my favorite rainbow six siege youtuber
P3pe da Fr0g
P3pe da Fr0g 2 hónapja
I dont know if you notice it later in video but you can use camera on either side of the surfaces where you shoot it
Nicola Humphrey
Nicola Humphrey 2 hónapja
Bikini your the best
Little Vader
Little Vader 2 hónapja
"lots of potential" Me: *Remembers zeros last game came out 7 years ago*
alpha dragon
alpha dragon 2 hónapja
I have reached 9238 ping and it was not that bad on my end
Dead on Strike
Dead on Strike 2 hónapja
he:omg he has an 1000 ping me: cute ...
Артур Абрамов
ESY ぃ 2 hónapja
I like the ending
Gianluca Rella
Gianluca Rella 2 hónapja
UAV in Cod: 😴 UAV in R6:😎
The zero cams can switch
Skye Mori
Skye Mori 3 hónapja
When you say John to the bird. I recalled the scene from the game Double Agent where John, his companion died because of showing off to Sam in a mission. 😕 Another John i know is the one Sam has been partnered with in Training Videos from the game Chaos Theory. It is really weird.
Daniel Christie
Daniel Christie 3 hónapja
Im saving up for this man mostly for his f200 but his gadget is also great
Tsarcasm 3 hónapja
"That window that window that window" -BikiniBodhi
Fornax 3 hónapja
The camera angles you can get with him are outstanding
geo 3 hónapja
The video was good until the outro, it’s cringe.
Caulin Whitewater
Caulin Whitewater 3 hónapja
3:28 it’s not glitching it’s hitting the floor studs
Arturs Berzins
Arturs Berzins 3 hónapja
The reason the cams dont go through floors sometimes, is because there are steel beams accross a lot of the floors/ceilings. Which means, you kind of need to be lucky with shooting the cam between the steel beams, not on them.
Erberk Senpai
Erberk Senpai 3 hónapja
4:25 *talks about COD* *Plays BF3 Soundtrack*
Diego Casiano
Diego Casiano 3 hónapja
Jajjaja Mozzie with the c4 2:50
ColtonIsOk 3 hónapja
When you pronounce Jäger jagger
Misiek 3 hónapja
"omg it went all the way in" that's what she said
the punisher 313
the punisher 313 3 hónapja
You are the best 👍💯 ❤❤❤
Jett Graver
Jett Graver 3 hónapja
Alright bikini we get it, you’re good at every op😂
CLY 3 hónapja
Have you tried to shoot the bird itself?
Tapsa gamer500
Tapsa gamer500 3 hónapja
Stardew valley music nice
Andrea Vasini
Andrea Vasini 3 hónapja
Try to use the gadget of Zero with Lion
Steven Dighero
Steven Dighero 3 hónapja
how can u not like this man
Boetzi Von Gedöns
Boetzi Von Gedöns 3 hónapja
Everyone talking about the gameplay, THAT BANJO KAZOOIE MUSIC IS NOSTALGIC
Jokez 3 hónapja
Why don’t u use bandit smg????
Creeper_Ninja_ 3 hónapja
He do be flappin doe
unshilenofe0 3 hónapja
Put a camera in the bird that way its a moving uav
F.B.I Executive Klaus from ze Luftwaffe
The person with 1000 ping: bruh. My friend with a record of 6000 ping: that’s nothing.
HardSalami_69 6 napja
@2k Michael Jordan I made this comment 3 months ago, why are you now making a comment insulting me?
2k Michael Jordan
@HardSalami_69 you can’t get more than 4 digits of ping mr liar
HardSalami_69 3 hónapja
I remember a time everyone in a ranked game had 25000 ping except for one guy on the opposing team and he was lag switching. His teammates called him out on it too. And my and my firend ended up sending friend requests to them. And they accepted :)
AwfulKnight 3 hónapja
Of course hes op, every playable character is an op.... ill see myself out
Ragtag barnacle 3
Ragtag barnacle 3 3 hónapja
I’m gonna do something called a pro gamer move, dies
Назар Качмар
It was very funny
elkd391 3 hónapja
Help, always i want to kill a zero it freaking costs 30 bullets and tge others dont, even when the others hace 3 of armour, lol.
Benjamin O'Konski
Benjamin O'Konski 3 hónapja
I love the Wind Waker music in the background, as well as the sound effects.
ehhh Men how did you get many points ??
FukitsuEdits Grim
FukitsuEdits Grim 3 hónapja
I fucking love Bikini I need to watch him more because his content is amazing There's just so much other shit I've been watching that also is great content so i can barely even it out 🙁🙁
Floaties 3 hónapja
9:29 you mean iana shes in space.
K Wilkinson
K Wilkinson 3 hónapja
Can u shoot the bird with you cam
Kun Ice
Kun Ice 3 hónapja
Dolan Dark’s Son
Dolan Dark’s Son 3 hónapja
I’m Dolan Darks Son :)
Craig 3 hónapja
am I the only one who noticed the Luigi a mansion theme in the background at 12:27?
5thgearfreak 3 hónapja
Kaid counter
The Rat Pope
The Rat Pope 3 hónapja
is that the same Katja that plays with Teo?
Tstraveler 3 hónapja
Almost nobody talking bout the birb
Awkward moment! 😳😅 #prank