How to Become a Champion With Clash in Rainbow Six Siege 

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This Clash Rainbow Six Siege Montage goes full on bully, I may go Blitz sometimes to mess with some people but when I bust out the Clash you now I mean business.

Sugar Fright was bad btw

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BikiniBodhi 4 hónapja
like the vid rn
Just David
Just David 3 hónapja
Of course I did it now
Just David
Just David 3 hónapja
half star
half star 3 hónapja
No because it includes clash gameplay
Max R6
Max R6 3 hónapja
hutown.info/base/vide/l4OGkWiflmWokck.html .....
SuperMonkeyOOF 3 hónapja
when im bored or sad, I watch a kini vid. not once have any of them disappointed me
Megamind 5 napja
No point of using clash for me. Everyone bans her. Every match
Matt_9667 5 napja
bruh at 8:04 bikini finessed on that poor nomad
I can't believe people fall for that trick, you turn around for 0.1 second in my server and your dead i guess he's playing with nubs?
Aceplus007 13 napja
he finally learns to blur out bad language lol :)
Andrea Lombardo
Andrea Lombardo 21 napja
Ty Westerman
Ty Westerman 29 napja
Bruh I just got my 1st ace ever a few days ago and I used Clash
ItzAffected Hónapja
3:47 Perfect cut scream
Aaryaan Razwani
Aaryaan Razwani Hónapja
Tux is better bc he is not a clash main
ulla andraste
ulla andraste 2 hónapja
Really wish clash didn't say twat the american way
Gabriel Joaquín Lescano
Man you play goooood
virqz 2 hónapja
bikini. I shall now proceed to challenge you into a clash - off. best of 3, defender is always clash, thatcher is banned. lets see who bullies the best
młodymontanaFRSH 2 hónapja
Is this DaBaby?
Cade Mangrum
Cade Mangrum 2 hónapja
Kellin Nielsen
Kellin Nielsen 2 hónapja
Omg when i checked the comment the video said like and multiple comments (including bikini's) said like, so obviously i had to
Reyessebas07 2 hónapja
After seeing this video I think clash is bad, I think ubi should give clash the doc steam pistol and she should get candelas from ying
Fabio Zanieri
Fabio Zanieri 2 hónapja
the dislikes are from the ash mains
Clash of Conservatives
That thumbnail is scarier than anything to touch the earth
George Apostolopoulos
Kini why that guy in 5:56 said you got only 0.9 k/d?
J_kick1991 2 hónapja
3:20 this part had me deceased 😂🤣💀
сираХ 2 hónapja
Clash is good if you know how to use her like Kini does, otherwise you can easily kill angy brish wman
Deidric Voigt
Deidric Voigt 2 hónapja
Thumbnail Clash smiling is cursed
Nikola Baltic
Nikola Baltic 2 hónapja
This thumbnail 😭😭😭
saurox yan çar
saurox yan çar 2 hónapja
5:55 he's not real bikhini 0.9 K/D :(
San Crispino
San Crispino 3 hónapja
Where’s fraser, the scottish guy?
kamerflu 3 hónapja
I liked cuz I heard a videogamedunkey reference
Ozan Çetin
Ozan Çetin 3 hónapja
we cant even play clash
Ej Campos
Ej Campos 3 hónapja
Bruh you put the skyrim shout sound with the nomad charge
NutrientChair49 3 hónapja
Bikini we’re taking clash from you
Pulinesurfer190 3 hónapja
How does he not have recoil
Hello there General konobi
Try and do this on console with takes 5 years for one spin
zan zadravec
zan zadravec 3 hónapja
Bikini commiting crimes for 14 minutes on youtube Best conntent ever
rainzie 3 hónapja
0:42 I'm Scottish and I couldn't stop laughing at this xD
Shockblast 3 hónapja
As a clash main this vid brings me enjoyment
Shockblast 3 hónapja
That thumbnail is terrifying
Quedew ‘
Quedew ‘ 3 hónapja
Abolfazl Shahvali
Abolfazl Shahvali 3 hónapja
Dance With Rain
Dance With Rain 3 hónapja
what happen if clash combo with frost
F.B.I Executive Klaus from ze Luftwaffe
Even tho I love the vid, I frocking despise clash, and she needs an immediate nerf
TrevorKn 3 hónapja
The IQ in the first clip said "do me dirty pls". She knew what she did
Soup166preium 5
Soup166preium 5 3 hónapja
1:03 whats that song called?
Lemon 3 hónapja
What the fuck bikini. Menacingly happy clash is going to haunt my mind until I die. Pretty cringe.
Sealthrux 3 hónapja
doing these vids in casual or unranked matches rly takes all the merit away from them
歐根親王 3 hónapja
Nerf Clash
Le_mustardman43 3 hónapja
It is aids playing against you in general
KrazyKatCP 3 hónapja
"Gridcock" lmao
Albert Junior
Albert Junior 3 hónapja
I actually did the one where sledge grenades Clash and the grenade bounces, but there was another operator there so he TK'd his teammate pog
Marrow 3 hónapja
8:50 GRIDCOCK XD,i'm gonna start using that
Finlay McLaren
Finlay McLaren 3 hónapja
post-tachanka rework i went against someone playing The lord himself with speed hacks. man was running around like ash on crack
Paula Pellegrin
Paula Pellegrin 3 hónapja
Some random Richtofan fan
Using clash is 100% a warcrime
Fryewalker 3 hónapja
Can't stop laughing about the Micheal Jackson one!
flash almighty
flash almighty 3 hónapja
His comedic genius is on another level
Amir Taktouk
Amir Taktouk 3 hónapja
Bro, the fact that he's using crash twinsanity music in his videos sometimes... Perfectly fitting and brings good memories
Casper Olesen
Casper Olesen 3 hónapja
Hahah you whiny little kid. Complains about BB but thinks Clash is fine. Has to be the worst siege player ever
Patrik Páros
Patrik Páros 3 hónapja
I’ve seen Jojo and League Of Legends references in this video. Dude you are the man of culture
Ryulies 3 hónapja
7:53 im french but i don't understand help
the sad RABBIT
the sad RABBIT 3 hónapja
How to bully😂
- Frigyees
- Frigyees 3 hónapja
11:00 what is that on Mira
TheLuigiNoidPerson 109
4:03 Neither can Tachanka, but we wont be mentioning that any time soon.
Flavio Doria
Flavio Doria 3 hónapja
why clash exists
Jingle Cat
Jingle Cat 3 hónapja
Gets hit by a double airjab and do a double rainbow joke
Jolly Man
Jolly Man 3 hónapja
6:31 The one thing bb can’t beat
Jolly Man
Jolly Man 3 hónapja
Rip sledge he commuted die 😞
Kálmán Károlyi
Kálmán Károlyi 3 hónapja
Where can i find your settings? :D
Hydra Salesman
Hydra Salesman 3 hónapja
"how about you withstand? Oh wait, you can't do that anymore" anger.
julian felippelli
julian felippelli 3 hónapja
love your videos, hate your voice
BARAKUDA 3 hónapja
7:46 fuck you i stand up and go see who knock to my door
Halyo Alex
Halyo Alex 3 hónapja
The nade reflect is Clash's No U passive, didn't you know?
Josh Perry
Josh Perry 3 hónapja
Bro I started using clash right before this video came out and the golds feared me. I won’t a round with clash alone lol
6:25 lmao
The siege zone
The siege zone 4 hónapja
3:24 damnnnn
Adam Gamer XD
Adam Gamer XD 4 hónapja
SmollMofin( 7:24 ) is my mom
Davi Xavier
Davi Xavier 4 hónapja
gcgamer oficial
PlayboyPrime 4 hónapja
Play only traps
Carlos Castro
Carlos Castro 4 hónapja
33dead33king33 4 hónapja
ur scared pussy
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman 4 hónapja
Jeasus kini D:
therarefiles 4 hónapja
He'S cHeAtInG
Tragic 4 hónapja
To get to champ you have to go through plat and I’m not ready for that pain
Douchopotamus 4 hónapja
am i the only one who thinks you should be able to sledge her shield and kill her?
NeRdZz 4 hónapja
@bodhibikini plz read me. Do a vidio of just shotgun
Anselmo 4 hónapja
i hate Clash
stella booom
stella booom 4 hónapja
When i use clash gadget kill someone i alway shout unlimited power lol
All Guest
All Guest 4 hónapja
Wait, clash is british?
Semir Abboud
Semir Abboud 4 hónapja
Hey Bikini, can u make it possible for Tachanka to get an Dp 27 Black Ice Skin? Since they added some for the Shields they should give the Lord his LMG Skin 2
themicki 4 hónapja
13:26 ... BOSGACOG and Clash... thats the BikiniBodhiest thing i've ever seen! xD
A Python
A Python 4 hónapja
Oh good that thumbnail is horrifying
Nick Wylde
Nick Wylde 4 hónapja
Gullideggel 4 hónapja
Wtf, that "knock knock" sound freaked me out. :o I went to the door, it sounds like someone is there... Much wow.
rvaa 4 hónapja
beeing champion in casual
Milan Toth
Milan Toth 4 hónapja
Artic Hell
Artic Hell 4 hónapja
We need Bouchiba
Darrian the Magikarp
i'm just here for the dallas screams
Steel Claw
Steel Claw 4 hónapja
You got me to spit out my water when you told Zofia to withstand 🤣
Pac-man 3.0 Meu2
Pac-man 3.0 Meu2 4 hónapja
0:25 I laught when is see clash, that is the logo of clash royale lol
Rune Van Couteren
Rune Van Couteren 4 hónapja
Panzo LP
Panzo LP 4 hónapja
It's nice to see you laughing i don't can laughing why I'm playing on Controller and Rainbow Six Siege makes no fun, the controll is shit and i cant Play ranked, why then i Play vs M&K players and that is unfair, but I can see nice gameplay on your channel, thanks. ;) Players and that is unfair. But i can see nice Gameplay on your Chanel
M'name Luis
M'name Luis 4 hónapja
Oh god, clash
Juliet Angeldust
Juliet Angeldust 4 hónapja
Clash be like: Ye got a loicense for that nade, mate ?