How One Man *DESTROYED* The Rainbow Six Siege Meta With Shields 🛡️ 

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In Todays Rainbow Six Siege Montage, we're skipping playing Aruni and instead focusing our full attention on THE SHIELD META.

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BikiniBodhi 5 hónapja
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Offizier Kötz
Offizier Kötz 2 hónapja
Thijs Custers
Thijs Custers 3 hónapja
Gib me gfuel
Mcpuffins-_-420 3 hónapja
Use your gadget you donkey 😂😂😂 2:53
Josue Martinez
Josue Martinez 4 hónapja
hey bikini for your discord server i join it but i dont have a phone to verify because i only have a pc and im using it
alex aucacama
alex aucacama 4 hónapja
RIP Zofia stop following Bikini 🤮
Its Flutzgie
Its Flutzgie 6 napja
5:58 nerf nich xd
GamerGirl Miller
Why do people keep comparing blitz to that guy? The guy looks more like pulse than anything
Land967 12 napja
6:30 why bother doing that with Monty? you get the same results if he extended his shield only you can bounce that c4 back in
Fortniteburger Net
Wow! Johnny Sins is blitz, a fireman, police man, doctor, gym trainer, teacher and Bikinibodhi. Honestly, I'm stunned.
Jacob Hunt
Jacob Hunt 13 napja
Jacob Hunt
Jacob Hunt 13 napja
i love this memey ish game
Jacob Hunt
Jacob Hunt 13 napja
Tired Tomoko
Tired Tomoko 14 napja
Ironic that Kini makes a video about shields considering I still remember that Blitz tweet years ago.
omega games
omega games 16 napja
As a nøkk main i felt 12:04.... Let us enter in peace and quiet as we get 1 tap into oblivion
Tynus 19 napja
Greyman 26 napja
I got shot through my shIELLLLLLLLLLD
Ahmar Davis
Ahmar Davis 27 napja
Peak toxicity
Cactus 28 napja
Doea this still work though?
JayCross454 28 napja
10:40 uberhaxornova throwback. I was a baby when I learned the rage quit.
12:13 Never before have I been so offended by something I completly agree with
666 likes edit: i meant dislikes
ZECT צורי
ZECT צורי Hónapja
Are they cheating? your legs exposed!
Bakuretsu Hónapja
Damn he can even walk through the shield. That's crazy
shawn wesner
shawn wesner Hónapja
" sit tf down u little s###" best phrase ever uttered by the great bikini
Project Syndicate
Shield meta anyone...?
I am The spy
I am The spy 2 hónapja
Jonny sins 😩yes
lailo 1010
lailo 1010 2 hónapja
isn't more efficiency switching shield to the gun or crouching?
Loren Parks
Loren Parks 2 hónapja
Bruh was that headlock dude????
Oliver Markus Born
Oliver Markus Born 2 hónapja
I love shields! Blitz is the best!
CatFor Games
CatFor Games 2 hónapja
Ngl I fucking hate shields
BootlegGamer 2 hónapja
Alternate Title: i accidently made blackbeard with a Shield Operator
Seek Thuth
Seek Thuth 2 hónapja
The most terrifying thing about that looking up shield strat is I could see that being useful in pro league in a few select cases.
ThatOneLeaf 2 hónapja
this makes me want to go blitz and monty just to gun mfers but i really wanna do the strat even tho i dont got friends to do it with.. my xbox tag is PlaneSole222001 im relatively good and i just wanna have fun with people :)
x D r x p p y
x D r x p p y 2 hónapja
Best thumbnail award goes tooo
Baron jerome
Baron jerome 2 hónapja
How do you get all those r6 credits?
Penguin noot noot
Penguin noot noot 2 hónapja
MAli 169
MAli 169 2 hónapja
thahts not one but two
Bussy Charms
Bussy Charms 2 hónapja
Is that johnny sins in the thumbnail?
sir no chin
sir no chin 2 hónapja
lads what's the song at 1:36
巴拉圭 2 hónapja
Thank you so much dude. I used to play blitz for so long but he was changed by ubi,I thought he just become trash,but you show this to me,your video give me more energy to play back blitz thx. B.T.W:I am Taiwanese, so my English is not very good orz.
Фруктовый Ад
Смотрю видосы только из-за концовки))0)
Stryke 2 hónapja
this is so fcking toxic i love it xDD
NX_ PERCHA 2 hónapja
Shields are broken
Offizier Kötz
Offizier Kötz 2 hónapja
frost Stories
frost Stories 3 hónapja
0:47 hmmm interesting word
Eduard Antipov
Eduard Antipov 3 hónapja
5:55 The Ace Reloading dialog matches Perfectly with the yeet sound effect
Jaoloa 3 hónapja
Hallo very body
CodeForPasta 3 hónapja
Can i go with fuze shield?
Hill Lot
Hill Lot 3 hónapja
And this is the guy crying about Blackbeard
Necracudda 3 hónapja
I feel like... Bikini makes metas without even trying.
José Lucas
José Lucas 3 hónapja
Nothing its trash. Is Just a question of team work
Huedra 062
Huedra 062 3 hónapja
Why is your hip fire so accurate?
gillan shepherd
gillan shepherd 3 hónapja
just to say it is like the attacker's own extended shield.
X Chara
X Chara 3 hónapja
AR-15/50 is just beowulf tcr its a dmr but its so powerfull
Bora YILMAZ 3 hónapja
Strange, there was nothing in the thumbnail...
Cameron Bambridge
Cameron Bambridge 3 hónapja
This video is just Kini staring at the roof xD
Di - G04
Di - G04 3 hónapja
SOOO,... using shields for they´r intended purpouse.
astartes fanboy
astartes fanboy 3 hónapja
now their going to remove the ability to block your head while adsd im betting
채동진 3 hónapja
Tristan Urquhart
Tristan Urquhart 3 hónapja
doit on defence with mira
Stereo 3 hónapja
13:06 I used to be an operator like you until I took a mag of 9mm to the knee.
Matthew Hogan
Matthew Hogan 3 hónapja
You need to make a testudo with blitz crouched and flashing then monty holding up high
Supersturm keks
Supersturm keks 3 hónapja
How bizzare !
[RC] The Dehrpy Scientist
spyderbman 3 hónapja
i main blitz how dare u say hes bad
Halil Tomay
Halil Tomay 4 hónapja
0.30 lol
Tekaruki 4 hónapja
Game: SHOTS, BLOOD, SWEAR, etc Music: "lost woods plays in the background"
Yew MIke.
Yew MIke. 4 hónapja
Gabriel Bard
Gabriel Bard 4 hónapja
You can trust the Blitz's shield, it have tape
Stevn 4 hónapja
oznelor 4 hónapja
7:50 "oi cuh"
Sk0lzkiy 4 hónapja
2:20 two shield ops can now create a testudo
JHONNY 4 hónapja
hi everyone i wanted to tell you that if you have nice rainbow clips you can send them to thank you all
JHONNY 4 hónapja
hi everyone i wanted to tell you that if you have nice rainbow clips you can send them to thank you all
paolo zara
paolo zara 4 hónapja
Love the fact ure doing that only in casual
Janet White
Janet White 4 hónapja
tinyurl.com/womanonlinekc7jf Ma il vettore di base dello sviluppo aiuta a migliorare la qualità del modello di sviluppo. Allo stesso modo, aumentare il livello di consapevolezza civica è un interessante esperimento per testare il sistema partecipativo. Nel loro impegno per migliorare la qualità della vita, dimenticano che l'innalzamento del livello di coscienza civica crea le condizioni preliminari per lo sviluppo graduale e coerente della società. La pratica quotidiana mostra che la pianificazione a lungo termine determina in gran parte l'importanza di nuovi principi per la formazione della base materiale, tecnica e personale. 私たち一人一人は明らかなことを理解しています。総合的なテストにより、現在の資産を撤回する必要性が明確に修正されます。私たちの立場の明確さは明らかです。社会秩序のハイテク概念では、外国の経済政策の再考を分析する必要があります。 もちろん、計画されたターゲットの実装は、その古典的な見方では、標準的なアプローチの導入を可能にします。市民の皆さん、基本的なユーザーの行動シナリオがどのように新しい成果を呼び起こすのかを見るのは素晴らしいことです。
Untitled Goose
Untitled Goose 4 hónapja
"Use your gadget you donkey!" - BikiniBodhi 2021
Micholous 4 hónapja
I don't enjoy the game but god i do enjoy these videos :)
was your father a chicken farmer cause you know how to raise a co-
Umbre 4 hónapja
Saw someone do this last game. First thought was to check this channel.
Dominic Neighbor
Dominic Neighbor 4 hónapja
Alternate Title: Ubi didn’t buff shields, so I did it for them
Jacob Heller
Jacob Heller 4 hónapja
I swear bikini is the guy to find the best strata get outta here with those pro league strays
Abdusalam Almathani
Well u created a monster
Sopaipa -_-
Sopaipa -_- 4 hónapja
Mira khalifa
Manolito 4 hónapja
Veo la miniatura, yo: aceptable
Gaming Knight
Gaming Knight 4 hónapja
Can't wait to see shields doing this to me 🤣
Kasper Stein
Kasper Stein 4 hónapja
Those people are so bad
Aaron Bell 154
Aaron Bell 154 4 hónapja
He just made everyone hop on rainbow and try this in waiting for mine to update now 😂
WazarGD 4 hónapja
Epic video dude
STEVO_ 4 hónapja
Just like you started the bosg acog campaign now we need a blitz buff campaign. Please make it happen
Святослав Стасик
Who knows why the alternative mode for the bot "attack car" in the rainbow does not work for me? Help me please.
frimz zy
frimz zy 4 hónapja
U ruined siege
Sir1ce 4 hónapja
Thanks a lot for the Zofia change
OrionFire007 VODs
OrionFire007 VODs 4 hónapja
God damn the vigil got his shit pushed in
Лев Громаков
lowfees 4 hónapja
Bikini just built diff
Илья Бондарев
Hello, yes. We need all the information on one guy. Name? I only know the nickname. Bikinibodhi. Will you send it to facebook? OK, I went to prepare the time machine, I'm all set.
GrimMachina 4 hónapja
They should make it to where aruni has to three punch castle barricades.
Jaden Allen
Jaden Allen 4 hónapja
damn thought I was unique for running clash with the shield as a turtle shell. I was only thinking small scale with it.
Beans Rgud
Beans Rgud 4 hónapja
I wonder how you felt getting vibe checked by TheRussianBadger last year
All of russia
All of russia 4 hónapja
Hey you better fucking not make ubi nerf our men
Spy 30
Spy 30 4 hónapja
Ho try this? Кто попробовал это?
Soldado collares
Soldado collares 4 hónapja
you are from which country?
Bot Robot1
Bot Robot1 4 hónapja
Zofia ;(