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I always want to have fun when gaming, no matter the game. I hope you'll find that fun to watch!
This game's community is big (banana for scale 10:42)
WWHY ARE THEY SAYING SOME OF THEM ARE BAD THEY ARE ALL GOOD (This comment is by the Free-2-Play gang)
Drew Mister
Bikini throughout the review "YoU sEe As A gAmE dEvElOpEr"
lurtzy Napja
*𝚛𝚘𝚋𝚘𝚝 𝚛𝚘𝚌𝚔*
Zoinks Scoob
4:09 What exactly is happening here? Can they shoot now?
Damon Clements
What song is that
Lewis Remington
Thomas Chong
This is truly the next game after siege?? Suuuuuper fucking weak.
Beastmode Activate
Is this rainbow six quarantine that was teased at e3 2019?
Riley maclean
Need time stamps with names of every item. Let’s get to it, comment section. 😂
Xuxu Blessed
79$ for a DLC? NO fucking thanks.
AHappyKid Napja
OG outbreak was just better!
VivienBoo Napja
Vigils gadget: Made to not be detected by drones Also vigil: First defender to be tracked in prep phase
Russian meme
Ya puedo morir en paz y yo que creia que lo había visto todo 😅😄🐿
Sebastiano Muresu
you are crazy
Trumpet KKM
19:15 thank you Bikini
VONE Napja
i think Thunderbird need a small nerf , she have a spear, 3 pts speed and C4/impact so , they just have to make her 2 pts speed without c4
Александр Топчиев
100 thousands likes where buf kaid?
Герман Золотов
I like the video, but DDLC music just too hard for me to handle emotionally, so I can't watch entire video ;-;
Dsalon 99
Dsalon 99 2 napja
Did you Just Get mad At r4c black ice
gcantudo 2 napja
10:45 return to monke
eye we todd did
The concept is stupid in the first place I would rather play a more real world story with these characters.
enjoyed my cigar arthur?
its technically a $70 DLC for R6S.
Mamad Hunter
Mamad Hunter 2 napja
Tekkenbd30fan 2 napja
Facts U speak the truth Outbreak was way better.. this New game is not worth 60$ and y do I get the feeling this game was a weak attempt to get us og r6 fans to buy this which I wont
SuperBomb123 2 napja
How do u play it and when does it end
Nicolò Martini
The crash bandicoot theme is fantastic
Hugo F. Reguilon
l4d 2.1 ? maybe if it comes out free in xbox pass or something I would play it hehe we have before us a new anthem
Santtu Tallqvist
So basically mastering that gadget is not actually using it, just baiting🤣
Zachary Redmon
Honestly the framework of the game itself, does not lend itself this style of game, Siege itself IMO has run its course and needs to be moved on from
You could just buy GTFO, which is way cheaper, and get the same type of gameplay and way more. Plus, it has a dev that cares about their game.
Reelzy 2 napja
this game looks miserably boring.
Alessio Mattee
this is when siege was fun
Ahmet Arı
Ahmet Arı 2 napja
This vide is balanced
Nicholas Bourgeois
I like the basicallyidowrk clip in the beginning
Very pleased that you voiced your own opinion rather than sold you soul to Ubisoft we need to tell them that releasing crap like this is not acceptable
arad yahyapour
glaz nah khali nah bossg acog yes
l- Echo -l
l- Echo -l 2 napja
Seems like this would be fun with a full trio of friends for like an hour but me n my bff are gonna get it cuz we love siege and zombie shooters also I’m so bored of Apex and Halo
Mukund Vashisht
I am seeing this after buying ace and i am like wtf? it goes three times?
cool username
cool username 2 napja
it feels too much like rainbow six siege then its own game and its an objective type game so its not really gonna be intrastation unless they give you some freedom and choice in the game
InboundFiend 2 napja
It's some how a new game yet its graphics are terrible, and it's run on an older version of seige, where there's a bunch of quality if life problems. This game is mediocre at best from your video and the others on youtube.
InboundFiend 2 napja
This isn't a Tom Clancy game, it's a stain to the series.
Patrick Quanz
Patrick Quanz 2 napja
welp ... why make a good mode and paddle back like 90% :( i was a little hyped for it but this will get boring really fast
Lours974 2 napja
nice french at 2:00 lmao
SubRevelant 2 napja
This game shouldn't be fucking 60$
Jakub Pepera
Jakub Pepera 2 napja
USE BOSG guys >:(
Boomkov 2 napja
Ubisoft does have a chance to make this more fun so i’m excited to see what the games like on release, even if its gonna be disappointing
Nathan Hale
Nathan Hale 2 napja
Why couldn’t they just make this a game mode in siege, why make a “new game” for this boring content… revive siege, don’t kill it with this trash
Wicked Jimmy
Wicked Jimmy 2 napja
Guys… this is Ubisoft and we are all slaves mediocrity
Wicked Jimmy
Wicked Jimmy 2 napja
What did we expect for them really
#Christeliguy 09011
I’m a banana
F5_KILLAR 2 napja
clickbait thats only 999
this is like the metal gear survive of rainbow six
hyper 5hadic
hyper 5hadic 2 napja
They ruined the operation by removing cam emp and drone after death in my opinion
SweetW 2 napja
Thats just sad when outbreak is way fun than this :(
Ethan Richardson
im like a minute and a half in and this just looks like pve siege. whats special about it? i mean, dont get me wrong, it looks sick, but is there anything unique about this game?
Friendly neighbourhood dumbass
I think the game has potential to become good if Ubisoft decides to listen to all the criticism they've received
Garrett Wax
Garrett Wax 3 napja
Poggy Life
Poggy Life 3 napja
Technically when he tricked that guy through the window, he didn’t really trick him… He literally just shot him on sight without giving him a chance to shoot or think, in-fact that’s what most of these are, but I guess we’ll never know if it actually tricked the person or not.
junkjouster 3 napja
This looks like Rainbow except you dont have any fun!
blancjoker 3 napja
Rather play GTFO than this...
Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt
I feel like it’s gonna be like seiges operations where once every 3 months u get a new map, gadgets, weapons, operators etc
Vytlo 3 napja
This game better not be $60. It's literally just reskinned Siege with a gamemode that they removed. It should be like $30 and accessible from the main menu of Siege and vice versa. This game is just meh as hell and is just standalone DLC
super cobble
super cobble 3 napja
Bro is really (basically, not actually) shit talking a game that purposefully gives you a little taste before it releases.
Joseluis Duarte
Uno más xd
free insanity
free insanity 3 napja
im guessing the easy mode difficulty was the problem
vangard 3 napja
Strategy to make the best hospital 1: ADS 2.0 2: Kona station 3: area must be secluded 1 way in 1 way out and they should be the same doorway walls must be reenforced and there must be a bullet proof camera
tr.unionz _808
I will never forget when ubisoft made a nightmare. I still here the shield to this day. Every game and every match you would hear a shield and you would pray that he doesn't come for you.
America 3 napja
I like he ducked the kali shot in game and he ducked in real life.
Alvaro Milantonio
Greg Mctrady
Greg Mctrady 3 napja
i thought its going to be cool with more game play but its just an outbreak refrence and it not acceptable ... siege had been broken as a game as soon as duplicated guns in phantom sight added and operators become so unrealsitice
ursa warrior
ursa warrior 3 napja
This is just pure garbage and gonna get burried deep in the ground very soon
Ana Teresa Castro
13:54 i am fr brazil but… LMAO YU JUST DESCRIBED MY LIFE
ItsYaBoi Joe
ItsYaBoi Joe 3 napja
How do u play this early
AnnaMaria Simone
Michael Skelton
Was that a bit of Sabaton i heard at 2:15
Cryptotugboat 77
This is like cod zombies and spec ops and left 4 dead made shittier and with operator abilities that are copy and pasted from siege and don’t fit in with this game
Detective Sargeant Bruce Robertson
This is 60 dollars? Are they fucking insane?
Derek Firth
Derek Firth 3 napja
I wish if they were gonna take the time to make a single player/co-op Rainbow game they’d just make a story mode for siege with the white masks similar to prior entries in the series